Things I’ve Learned

1st Six Weeks Advice

Newborn Advice
Thanks to my friend over at The Bunless Oven- It’s been amazing following your journey and I couldn’t have written this any better myself!

Eli will be 3 months this week and it’s really blowing my mind! For 3 months we have been parents. Not parents in training. Parents! And for 3 months I’ve been breast feeding. 🙂 WOO-HOO! hehe
In that short time I’ve learned a lot and I would like to share a few of my observations, along with the ones Bunless has written about.

1- Tummy time
Start it early, even if baby hates it. It gets easier and more fun! Try it with baby on your chest too. You can’t hold a newborn too much 😉

2- Routine
Establish one early. Loads of different methods out there, but I’m not going to lie, Eli is a good sleeper and we got on a routine very quickly. Try Baby Wise for more ideas. Get your stuff organized now and plan your day. Ours is simple enough and flexible. We always do bath time between 7-8 and bedtime between 9-10. Humidifier on, white noise on. Sleepy time achieved!
Everyone is happy in the end, promise!

3- No lights at night
Only use a nightlight or dim lit lamp at night time. No singing or playful chitchat with baby at night. Let’s baby know nighttime isn’t as fun to be awake.

4- Set that baby down!
Sometimes baby has to cry so you can shower or eat. It’s ok! Put baby in a safe place (like their crib or bassinet- baby swing has saved my life!) and step away. Get your stuff done, regroup and come back.

5- This is the hardest stage
Ok…only my opinion but at 11 weeks old, with Eli smiling and me knowing what his cries mean, it’s easier and getting easier everyday. But the newborn stage is hard!! It’s ok, it gets better 🙂

6- Monitoring food intake is for the birds
Initially we monitored every ounce Eli ate. It got overwhelming. Feed that baby when they act hungry, end of story. Don’t make more work for yourself.

7- Housework can wait 🙂
That’s a hard one for this control freak!

8- Pumping ruins your nipples…it’s worth it but ’nuff said lol

9- Grandparents are awesome, use them!

10- Don’t compare your baby
That one is a doozie for me. I’ve had a hard time with it, but taking time to just enjoy Eli is more important than where he is at compared to his friends. It’s good to know what the milestones are and what you should expect, but every baby is different. (Now I need to go chant that to myself a few times)


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