Cloth Diaper Review

I’ve been cloth diapering for a while now and I am officially in deep. 🙂 I love it so much more than I thought I would. Not to mention I haven’t had to buy one package of disposable diapers since Eli’s birth. Pretty cool! 🙂
I never got into the traditional cloth diapering- prefolds, pins and plastic pants. Just too much prep and folding and such for me. Not to mention trying to pin a diaper on my wiggly baby…yeah right! Good thing cloth diapers have evolved!
Anyway, I started with some newborn cloth- All In Two (AI2). These were cloth diapers with velcro closures that required a separate plastic cover to prevent leaks. The cloth was very absorbent and fit perfectly but I didn’t like having a separate cover. I quickly moved on to the All in One’s (AIO) pocket diapers with snaps. An AIO pocket is the cloth diaper, a removable cloth insert and plastic cover all in one diaper. It can use velcro or snaps to close the dipe. I prefer snaps because they are more adjustable and sturdy.

The first brand I tried was FuzziBunz. Mostly because they were less expensive than some other brands and I found one at a resale shop. They come in one size (OS), OS Elite and Perfect Size. The Perfect Size diapers work well if you can size them on your little one and know how the diapers fit. These did not work well for Eli because 1) he grew quickly out of the xsmall, leaving me with expensive diapers he couldn’t wear and 2) his little legs were not chunky enough to prevent leaks. We have a bunch of one size diapers that are supposed to fit up to 18lbs and they do work but the elastic could be tighter around the legs.
Then I discovered the OS. Initially they seemed too bulky, but I figured out how to stuff them and adjust them to fit well. They come with 2 inserts (small and large) and fit newborn to 35lb+
The FB OS has adjustable elastic leg bands, which were perfect for Eli’s skinny legs.
The FB OS Elite has adjustable elastic leg bands and waist band- even better! That diaper can shrink down or expand to fit perfectly. I really like this brand- they have a lifetime warranty and can be found at Target online. Easy!

The second brand I tried was Charlie Banana OS. I got these from a trade and was a bit unsure, but I really like them! They are also pocket diapers very similar in design to FB. They have a leg up on FB because they have added adjustability with their snap closures (expanding up and down, side to side, and overlapping flaps). The pocket opens to the front instead of the back, and has a protective flap to prevent leaks and shifting of the insert. They have 2 OS diapers that range in size and have been a great addition to our stash. Definitely a new favorite.

GroVia is another brand of AIO diaper I use. This is one of the prints I actually have. 🙂 This is a more stream-lined style. The insert is sewn in but can be lifted at one end for easy cleaning. The snaps are a bit funky, snapping on the inside instead of the outside, but it works well and comes in adorable prints like this one.

Thirsties AIO Duo is a new brand to us as well. This is definitely a bulkier diaper- however it’s perfect for overnight because as the brand name suggests, its absorbent. It is not a pocket diaper, instead the insert is sew in on two sides so it cannot be removed. An additional insert can be added beneath that for extra absorbency if needed. It is very adjustable and reliable.

I’m looking to add more of all of these brands to my stash. I love the OS pockets because they are so easy to adjust (add more fluff if you need, take out the legs for bigger baby, etc). Either way, what I have learned is try lots of different brands and styles. You may never know what works best for you and for baby until you try it!
Next on my list to try, bumGenius 4.0, Flip diapers and maybe a WAHM diaper- CoverBums.

A great resource for reviews and ideas —>All About Cloth Diapers


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