Milestones and Video Dump

I’ve been behind on my videos- I record them (along with probably a billion pictures of Eli) but I just forget to upload them! Anyway, I’ve been meditating on his milestones lately and working hard to achieve peace about his unique pace. Eli is incredible and doing so very well- we are proud parents for sure. But his differences are there and we know our path is different.

Eli grabs his first toy!
I met with a friend last weekend. Her son is 5 weeks old and was my first baby to hold since Eli was born. Now I’m not talking physical differences, because I think Eli is absolutely the most adorable and perfect little man possible, but the physical ability was different. Her 5 week old was already holding his head up well, only bobbing forward a tiny bit. He just felt sturdy. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. His muscle tone was so much stronger than Eli’s. Don’t get me wrong, Eli is strong. He rolled over at 3 weeks- that’s impressive for any baby!

Eli sitting up in his bumbo chair- pretty good! {10 weeks}
But it was a very disappointing realization. We have been working hard for 10 weeks at holding our head up- it’s hard work guys! The good news is that it’s nothing to fret over. Eli is achieving well within a typical two-month-old’s abilities and I’m enjoying his accomplishments. It was just an eye-opener, a reminder if you will, to keep working hard and celebrate the little things.

Like Eli spitting up on his Aunt Sarah. 😉
We had PT on Monday. I say “we” because I feel like she is my therapist in many ways. She cheers me on, listens to my frustrations, makes suggestions and THEN works with Eli. Mostly because he doesn’t need a lot of help right now, he’s doing that well. But I’m very greatful for her and her encouragement.

This week has been very relaxed. It has been rainy, so Eli and I have been holed up in the house. But I left the house today to go get some cavities filled- my exciting life, I know!
What I’m working on this week- SSI and milk production. lol Adjusting my pumpings so I can sleep through the night is a bit stressful because I don’t want to loose any milk. I lost a few ounces but I think it’s evening back out. And I added back in more fenugreek (back up to 3 pills 3x a day) and that has helped too.
I got our claim letter back from SSI- denied. I figured as much, but there are so many conflicting statements being made out there about our eligibility that it’s confusing. I’m going to file another claim and see what happens. The denial of SSI means Eli doesn’t qualify for Medicaid either. 😦
I know you are super jealous! 🙂


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