July 5, 2012

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Got to have a sleep over with my sister:
Donuts and wine with movies. It was fun to be lazy and hang out together. The best part is watching her with Eli. 🙂 melts my heart.

Later we celebrated July 4th: BBQ, patriotic cookie cake, and baby in the baby pool. 🙂 Happy Birthday, America! No fireworks for us. We were tired and Eli was fighting sleep but really it was the perfect celebration for us.

Last night was night six if crib sleeping and it went well. Eli fights sleep like crazy now!! But the last time I blogged, it was night three…so back to that! The third night was awesome- no false alarms. Night four had one warning beep…and the thing that stinks about the beeps is that you become desensitized to them after a while. Of course we both got up and checked on him but with a lot less anxiety. Night 5 and 6 were awesome too- slept great! So no pattern has really been established yet. 😦

Anyway, he is boxed into a very small area of his crib with a piece of plywood under the mattress for support and the angel care dead-center beneath him.
That being said, the fact that it went off just once night four has me wondering if he doesn’t have sleep apnea or had a period of shallow breathing.
That, or the angel care sucks and is on the way out the door. Lol

We bought the mesh bumper and will probably try to put it in some time today to see if we like it.

What else is new….?
Eli is now enjoying his swing for the first time ever- he used to scream when we would just set him in it. Now I can be a bit more hands free for a few parts of the day. Yay for that!

Speaking of being home all day OMG this is a bad thing for me. I get bored and I think of ways we can improve the house or things I want to change. Basically, I sit around thinking of ways to spend all our money. Awesome, huh? So it was good to have my sister over to distract me and have fun with. Need more times like that. 🙂

I discovered the joys of stripping cloth diapers! Apparently they get detergent build up and start to smell. lol So I am even deeper into cloth diapering than before. I also traded some of my FuzziBunz for some Thirsties and Charlie Banana- loved them and now they are my new obsession. I think I will wind up spending way too much money on dipes. 😉
Last night was my first night to try “sleeping through the night”- without pumping. I slept 6 hours and while I would have liked to go more, the engorgement said otherwise. I’m going to try this for 4 days (unless I notice a decline in supply sooner) and see what happens. I’m still tired today but it’s not the mind numbing sleep deprivation of before.

I guess that’s it for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!


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