Crib Sleeping :/

Eli has had 2 nights in this crib with pretty good success…minus a few hiccups.
When we got his bedding set, it came with a cute bumper pad. It looks nice and keeps him from going between the bars…but is it safe? If you google “bumper pads” you will be bombarded with thousands of articles warning parents of the dangers of bumper pads and SIDS. Scary stuff. What’s a mama to do?!

So naturally, his bumper made me nervous. The first night, we discovered he likes to snuggle up next to it with his face. Yikes!
I tried removing it but he moved so much, he put his arms through the bars. I thought about a mesh bumper but it’s not thick enough to keep his bed divider tightly in place (I use the divider to keep him in one spot- he wiggles so much, he went from being vertical in his crib to being horizontal).

The bumper worried me less the second night. Mainly because the only thing that gave me real comfort was our baby monitor. We are using the angel care monitor- it detects movements, including breathing. If movement is not detected after a few seconds a warning beep will sound. If there is still no movement an alarm will sound. So I felt secure that it would alert us to any lapses in breathing but doubted it would happen.

So I am already anxious about the bumper…here is the big hiccup. On night 2, I got up at 3am to pump and while sitting on the couch, I heard a “warning beep”. I got up to check on him and he was perfectly fine.
10 minutes later it beeped again! Nothing can describe the fear that the beep created. But Eli was sleeping away when I checked on him the second time.

When I was done pumping, I hovered over him for a few minutes to reassure myself he was breathing normally and then tried to go to bed. After an hour of laying in bed and listening to the monitor I let myself drift off…only to be jolted awake at 5am to the sound of the alarm going off. The actual alarm indicating no movement at all. I think if Barry could have run through the wall to get to Eli sooner then he would have.

Eli was FINE.

Could the crib transition get any more anxiety inducing?!

So today we are both tired and cranky because it’s impossible to go to sleep after the monitor alarm goes off.
I’ve made adjustments to the monitor and we are about to enter into night 3 of crib sleeping. Wish this nervous mama luck…

Eli is upgrading from his travel bed (which has an awesome incline so he can breathe better, but he’s out growing and too wiggly to safely sleep in). He’s sleeping in the crib because one side can be lowered so he gets the incline.


9 Replies to “Crib Sleeping :/”

  1. I have the same monitor and it’s guaranteed to go off once per week. We have Wes in the middle with a light blanket. He shimmies out of it and always ends up near the side of the crib. Fortunately we have the mesh bumpers. When he moves too far from the monitor, it goes off so I don’t worry much any more. No worries, you will be comfortable soon. XOXO! Adrienne

    1. Oh thank goodness!! That makes me feel way better.
      We have Eli cornered in a smaller space and I repositioned the sensor/made it more sensitive…so we will see how tonight goes.

      Doesn’t that alarm irritate you?!

  2. Ask the pediatrician about the monitor, sleep apnea is very High and often undiagnosed. Not sure when they run sleep studies but infrequent slow low breathing happens and snoring etc. The SYMPtomMs of sleep apnea are DIFFEREnT and dont always manifest the same as our typical peers so err on the side of caution. hunt around DSFRT and NDSS website, the 80% suspected sleep apnea is discussed there

    Bumpers became a known danger by my third child & he has DS. I didn’t use one with him and worried always about how his low tone really limited his ability to move around. I still am careful at three–I’ve read no pillows for typical kids under three but I worried about stuffed animals & blankets with DS. Get a blanket that has holes in it and warm pjs

    1. I dont know that sleep apnea is the issue since I was literally right at his side at the first alarm. And it didnt happen at all the first night. But I’m aware of the symptoms so we will see how tonight goes!

  3. Ah, the “joys” of the first couple weeks/months of crib sleeping. We went through the same types of nights along with waking up in the middle of the night to go check on Carly to make sure that everything was okay. I am guilty of tickling her underneath the chin, while she was sleeping, just to make her move around so I knew she was ok. Eventually, crib anxiety will go away and you just might be able to get a full nights sleep.

  4. I discovered that by using a little piece of board underneath the angel care monitor’s sensor – held on by a big rubber band. Ours went off a lot as my son got older and tended to enjoy wiggling off to the side.

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