2 Months Already!


20120629-103403.jpgLittle man is 2 months already!! Took Eli to his pediatrician for a check up. I’ve been avoiding the office and even cancelled an appointment because of vaccine anxiety.
It’s a huge battle for Barry and I because we want to do what’s best for him. Right now we have a clean slate- no vaccines at all. And we have major concerns for how a LO with Ds will react to vaccines.
So we have decided to put them off for a while longer- and that conversation with our pedi went amazing. He is supportive and even gave us some research to help us feel better about the whole thing.
What was funny was that he gave us stuff we already had that supported out decision. 🙂 he’s pretty awesome.
The big concern is once I go back to work, I will be exposing Eli to my kiddos. And we all know how sick I get. Haha

Anyway, another benefit to waiting is that we will be starting his supplements soon (we decided on Nutrivine D) so we will have a good understanding of how he does on that before doing anything else.

So Eli is healthy and doing great. He weighs 10lbs 7.5oz- putting him in the 25th percentile. All his other measurements put him in the 5th percentile which of course got me worried- is our boy going to be disproportionate? Or fat?! Yikes!
But Dr. H isn’t worried. He said they fluctuate like this and that he looks good. We will just monitor him and go from there.

Another topic of discussion was his sleeping. We have been trying (and failing) to get him back in his bassinet. He’s been sleeping in a travel bed because it has an incline that helps with his stuffy nose. Everything else is too flat and he wakes up all night not being able to breathe. 😦 poor guy!!
Anyway, Dr. H (and Barry) both want him in his crib. So I was forced to set up his baby monitor and sound machine. Lol and I adjusted the crib to have an incline. All reluctantly…he’s still my baby and that crib seems so big!
Hopefully tonight will be his first night in the crib. Anxious mommy is anxious! He’s never been that far away from us at night!! But I’m sure he will do awesome…I’m trying to convince myself. Lol

What else? ECI went well. We are working on social interactions and smiles. He’s still so strong and eager to move. It feels like in the last few days that he has been able to express his happiness easier. Now to capture it in pictures. Lol he’s so quick!

Cloth diapering is going awesome and I am trying an experiment with my pumping (hopefully get the number of times I have to do it reduced!).

Everyone Barry and I know right now is pg!! I’m so happy for all my friends but it’s made me realize I’m not ready for my baby making days to be over. 🙂 I miss being pregnant but I’m enjoying my time with Eli too. He’s going to have lots of buddies to play with very soon!

That’s life for us right now!
For the best picture updates, follow us on Instagram @thosenewmans

Have a great weekend!


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