Bottle Review

Seems like everyone is doing bottle reviews, so I thought I would add my two cents.

Breast feeding hasn’t been easy for me. It doesn’t come as natural as I thought it would. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work- silly considering our bodies are made for it!
And even though it was hard, I was more comfortable with it than I thought I would be, but in the end Eli just wouldn’t nurse consistently. I haven’t “practiced” feeding with him in a week now. It frustrated Eli and me. He screamed and arched away, only latching on long enough to realize it wasn’t a bottle or get milk every where.

So now I am strictly pumping. And while has proven even more challenging and time consuming, it does have benefits that breast feeding does not. (I can leave Eli with a sitter and he’s content with a bottle, I’m more mobile than I thought, I can measure how much food he is getting, and most importantly he’s getting breast milk.)
That being said, I’ve tried many different types of bottles and you should too! What works for one baby may not work for another.
Here are my bottle reviews:

Similac Ready To Feed Infant Bottle– We started with these in the hospital when we had to supplement his feedings. I love how convenient and easy they are. Each box comes with a nipple. No mixing or measuring. Perfectly portioned.
Initially we thought the nipples worked well and that Eli had a swallowing/reflux issue. After trying a few other bottles we realized that these nipples allowed too much food to come through. He would finish a meal in less than 10 minutes, wind up gassy, spit up through his nose and even choke while eating.
PROS: This bottle’s nipple can be attached to my pumping equipment, easy and fast.
CONS: The nipple hole is too large, allowing for too much milk to escape, expensive.

Tommee Tippee– What I will say about these bottles is they are very much like the real thing- for a bottle. Eli had to work harder at a proper latch to get his food. While using this bottle, Eli was more comfortable with attempting to breastfeed than he had been before.
The downside is the flimsy nipple and multiple parts. The nipple often became inverted or crushed during feeding, making it difficult for Eli to get food or causing milk to spill out everywhere.
The multiple parts made it a pain to clean and didn’t prevent gas like the label claimed. I loved the idea that this bottle might be the “gateway” back to breastfeeding but it ultimately became another hassle at feeding time.
PROS: most like the real thing, had a heat sensor to make sure contents are not too hot.
CONS: too flimsy, too many parts.

Snappies– Great product! These container are compatible with many of the different nipples from other brands. I can attach them directly to my pump, switch out nipples to feed as a bottle or use them to store milk for later. We use these in combination with the Medela brand bottles.
PROS: They are the most versatile and can use different nipples.
CONS: Only store up to 4oz.

Medela– These bottles attach to my pump and hold more than the Snappies. When I bought these I discovered slwo flow nipples. These bottles comes with a large range of nipple flow, plus I can switch these nipples to be used on my Similac bottles and the Snappies. Love these bottles!
PROS: attach to my pump, stores milk, compatible with other nipples.
CONS: nipple can be a bit flimsy sometimes.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles– By far my very favorite bottles! I love them! The flow on the nipples is perfect- Eli has to work his muscles to eat, but not too hard. It has reduced his gassiness and reflux issues and is the least prone to leaks. Also the venting system prevents him from sucking air when all the milk is gone. One con to this bottle is all the parts. It can be kind of a pain to put together and clean but it’s not enough to make me stop using them. Love the way the bottle “handles”.
PROS: reduces reflux and gas, venting prevents sucking air, supposed to maintain the most vitamins in the milk.
CONS: lots of parts.

Avent Bottles– The jury is still out on these. This bottle has an extra piece for the nipple and the nipple has a flattened head. If its not put together just right it will leak. Also, their size one nipple is supposed to be newborn flow but seems to be too much for Eli. I recently bought some new nipples to see if that was the problem and to my surprise the newer size one nipples performed better than the older ones. Besides that, it seems to work just fine. Eli isn’t super picky about his bottles but I’m just not sold on this one yet.
PROS: easy to clean because of wide open mouth.
CONS: fitting the top is difficult, nipple flow is fussy, leaky.

Evenflo Classic Bottles– the cheapy colored plastic ones, were gifted to me for travel purposes. I think they are great in a pinch but definitely not my favorite. The nipples flow incredibly too fast and the entire bottle is flimsy.
PROS: ok in a pinch, good storage for milk.
CONS: flimsy

Lansinoh breast milk storage bags- I started using these about a week ago. Feels awesome to have milk stored away for the future. (Don’t know when I will use it since I pump like a mad woman and I’m so far ahead of him…maybe when I go backup work?) anyway, they are great! Super durable, holds a lot and they are reusable.

So I guess that’s my review. I’ve tried a lot of bottles by my overall favorite is Dr. Browns. It’s nice because Eli doesn’t seem to mind the different bottles (although he is quite specific about the pacifiers he will take). Try different kinds so you and your baby are happy. 🙂


9 Replies to “Bottle Review”

  1. we only used dr. brown’s here for both our kids. keep storing that breast milk! i pumped for rachel and we got a small chest freezer for in the garage. i filled it up quickly but as soon as i stopped pumping, it was gone just as quick.

    1. Yeah I think they are the best. The issue is that I have a ton of Dr. Browns in the larger size and he doesn’t need that large of a bottle yet. But he will soon enough! So I’m just waiting and using the smaller sized bottles that I have. 🙂
      I don’t know when I will stop pumping but I’m working hard to store up as much as I can. 🙂

  2. What type of pump do you have? I’m 36 weeks and trying to decide if a new pump is in order. Great review of bottles! Thanks for posting!

    1. You are so close!! 🙂
      I rent from the hospital- the medela symphony. It’s quiet and works wonderfully!! 🙂 only $60 a month to rent and in August insurance will begin covering the cost.

      1. Yep, coming down to the wire. Just googled the symphony and would definitely need to rent it! Lol. Am going to look into it at the hospital… Thanks! Trying to create my hospital bag list too. Any advice there since its pretty fresh in your mind?

      2. Get your doc to write a prescription for the pump and talk to a lactation consultant.

        Here’s my tips. 🙂

        Things I’m glad I brought: baby mittens, a robe for you, toiletry items (like shampoo and hair dryer), nail clipper for baby, magazines, snacks, nursing bras and tops, boppy pillow to help with breast feeding, clothing to hang out in, nursing cover.

        Things I didn’t need:
        panties- the ones they provide are ugly but work. Don’t ruin yours.
        Pillows- just ask for more
        Pads- they provide that

        Take everything thats not nailed down. Lol don’t be afraid to ask for more.

        Ask to have someone show you how to give your baby a sponge bath before you leave.
        Try to room in with baby if you can.
        Don’t let the lactation consultant leave without seeing you breastfeed.
        If you have to supplement don’t fret- keep breast feeding and pumping. You can do it!!
        Do lots of snuggling and skin to skin with baby.

  3. Thanks! Everything was such a blur last time with Alex being rushed away to the NICU and dealing with the DS diagnosis. Praying for a more typical hospital experience this time. Great tips! Wouldn’t have thought of clippers!

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