Wordful Wednesday

Eli had his first play date today…well it was more like a sleep over but it was nice! Haha
It was great to visit with my friend and talk about what our kiddos are doing.
Her LO does so many of the same things Eli does- I saw some similar faces and hilarious movements.

I sometimes feel like I’m at an advantage since Eli is our first kiddo. I don’t typically spend time wondering if something he is doing is “normal” or not. I assume it’s typical baby behavior instead of wondering if he does it because he has Ds.
The disadvantage is when I spend all day around my son I don’t notice his differences until someone else brings their baby around. The first time this happened it was hard. His differences were so obvious to me and I became self conscious. Silly, huh?
Today I thought about it less and was pleasantly surprised to see how alike he was instead.

It’s nice to have a friend with her baby so close in age to Eli. I think it will be more difficult once our kids are older. According to many mamas from the Ds community, our kiddos differences are more apparent the older they get. Which is hard to imagine. Eli is so awesome and so on target! Like I said before, I often forget Eli even has Ds on most days.
Words I don’t associate with my son: MR, special needs, disabled. I loath those terms and I don’t see him that way at all!
Maybe I’m naive but he’s just so typical and so strong. We have high hopes for what he will achieve. Eli hasn’t changed my mind yet. 🙂

So I had another OB visit because I’m pretty sure my body is being screwy. Figures. Lol. Dr. C thinks I’m having a hormonal imbalance so I had some bloodwork drawn and we will find out the results next week.
It’s a bit frustrating but I expected nothing less. Dr. C said he may tackle the issue with birth control if it’s hormonal. This is a concern because of my breastfeeding. Typically b/c messes with that process and I’ve worked too hard to give it up now. But the possible hormonal issue is causing huge problems for me too. 😦 hopefully the issue can be addressed without affecting my supply.

Well I think that’s the update for now. Eli has been asleep since 9pm and I might be able to squeeze in a shower before he wakes. 😀
Hope everyone is having an awesome week!


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