Happy Monday


20120611-210455.jpgToday was our very first official ECI physical therapy session. It went so well! Our PT is friendly and kind. She came in wanting to know about my family and eager to learn about Eli.

She was very impressed with how strong he is- I can’t help but be proud. He’s doing so well and everyone always comments on his strength.
We did some tummy time and she made some suggestions.

-ease up on using light-up toys (not that we use it all the time but she would prefer we use books instead. I’m game)
-increase tummy time
-begin introducing different textures orally and physically
-work on opening his palms and tucking his feet while on tummy
-continue to press items into his hand to work on grasping
-keep singing to and talking to him encouraging social smiling (he smiles but doesn’t smile in response to my smiles yet…at least I don’t think so. Sometimes it’s hard to tell!)
-start slow with 4 signs and consistently use them. We picked “mom”, “dad”, “milk”, and “eat”

Overall it went great! Eli is doing so many amazing things and he is so strong. He has begun pushing/scooting himself along his mat and can lift his legs and head quite high.

I discussed his oral/language development because it’s been mentioned more than once to me that our kiddos are either physical or oral. But she reassured me that’s not the case and in fact many kiddos who are strong like Eli often have more advanced oral skills later (even if they are delayed). Either way, I know he’s going to excel and do awesome! We will just keep working on it and build a good foundation for him. 🙂

It was such a nice meeting and a great reassurance. Not to mention encouragement- keep going, keep doing more, you can do it! 🙂
I wish everyone saw how amazing he is. Its so sad to see debates flying about whether down syndrome should be eliminated from our population, or whether keeping a baby with down syndrome is a hardship. Having any baby is hard work. Eli is exactly what I expected when we dreamt of starting our family.

Because I don’t feel the need to continue to add to the unfortunate and ignorant discussion, I’m going to move on to different topics.

Yesterday I made 30ounces of milk!! Holy cow!! 😉 and today I actually got a nap. We have productive days occasionally and today was one of them. I got out once and found a cute cloth diaper at the resale shop! And I started an art project at the house- some photos and a “family rules” painting.
I am starting to suspect I’m creating a dent on the couch, which is where I am currently living, so it was nice to have a productive day.

Well it’s time to get ready for bed! Hope everyone is having a great week!


4 Replies to “Happy Monday”

  1. Keep that dent going for 18 to 24 months and read books, talk directly at and sign with your camera handy!! Standing & Cruising along couch eventually.

    I agree development spurts might favor physical or vocal here and there but are also often global too and some children may fall into similar categories but there are not established set sound studies showing where to expect to worry or not–at least not yet. Maybe gene research might help piece that or general health trends together. My endocrinologist says it’s shown that thyroid and celiac tend to have a higher tendency to be seen together (with a high incidence of some often mild thyroid issues – height, some cognitive implications if not medicated it seems) but although celiac disease (gluten and other intolerance & digestive absorption I think issues) is much more common in tue DS population it’s not a given with thyroid and it’s lower incidence (don’t recall stat and I think it’s up to debate–lots of

    1. Lots of folks in the DS & autism communities avoid gluten!!

      Interesting aboi light up toys and maybe too much but I’d not avoid them comPletly either–moderation and calmer ones might be good now. But if he likes the stimulation – ask her again cause there is a wide range of sensitivities and some babies crave that crazy chaos stuff. I like lots of options and changes too- but that’s also not always great cause our kiddies need extra repetition

      But ALS sing!!! Lots!! Music and movement to watch

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