Prayers for Thatcher

It’s 4am and I would normally be climbing back into bed after one of my overnight pumpings but I cannot sleep. I just finished reading my sweet friend’s blog over at The Paul Family Journey and my heart is heavy.
After fighting for three months, their precious Thatcher went to be with Jesus.
I’m so so sad for them. I want to drive to her home and hug her, hold her and tell her it will be alright. I want to wake up my Eli and tell him how much he is loved. I want so much for the kind of earthly healing she desperately cried out for to take place- for Thatcher to be healed, whole and healthy with his parents. But God had a different healing planned for him and it leaves the rest of us feeling empty and sad.

It’s so difficult to understand why these things happen…I desperately wish I could.

Lord, it’s so difficult to understand why you work the way you do. I can only begin to imagine the pain Whitney and Eric are feeling. God, thank you for the time Thatcher had on this earth. Thank you for giving his parents such courage to live for you and declare your name in the face of such heartache. Thatcher touched so many people and you used him in an amazing way.
Lord, thank you for healing Thatcher. For taking away his pain and the things that limited him on earth.
We are saddened by the great loss of this precious little one. Please comfort the Paul family during this difficult time. Help them to have peace. Give them understanding. Comfort their broken hearts. Hold them up.

Please join me in lifting up this family. Thank you.


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