ENT for Eli

Back from yet another doctors visit! Eli had a follow up for his hearing today and I was anxious.
He did very well despite my mommy fears! He sat so still and didn’t make a peep!
He passed his hearing in the right ear and failed in the left. The diagnostician then tested to see if he had fluid in his ears- yup! Tons! He was actually surprised Eli passed in his right ear because of the amount of fluid.

Next we saw the ENT who was reassuring. He used a microscope to look at his tiny ear canals, they are that tiny! (He also pointed out that because they are so tiny, it’s impossible for a pediatrician to look into his ears and diagnosis an ear infection. Awesome. He also said that it’s unlikely he even had one in the first place but to continue to antibiotics. Grrr…)

He said everything we have been seeing with Eli is normal and nothing to worry about. Eli can hear (yay!!!!) and will probably need tubes to hear better.

We were concerned about:
-Eli refluxing/spitting up out of his nose
-Sounding congested

All this is normal because his insides are so tiny! Which is why the fluid just won’t go away. He needs to grow and when he does he will out grow most of this. The congestion isn’t really congestion- any fluid that gets in there makes him sound congested.
The hearing will be addressed when he’s about 6 months because we want to make sure he has a good start with his language acquisition.
So that’s the hearing update! Eli can hear and has tiny, microscopic ear canals filled with fluid. But, he can hear!


4 Replies to “ENT for Eli”

  1. Sounds good. Nice to know up front and quick what’s going on.

    We went through months and months and months of pediatrician giving antibiotics, trying the next and the next and the next until I said enough and took my youngest to an ENT, who then told me her hearing was like hearing under water! OMG I felt horrible and mad at the ped for not just referring us in the beginning. GRRR That was 10+ years ago. ENT did tubes, which were done in literally 15 minutes, no pain, no upset and she was better from that day forward. She was about 8 months old then.

    1. Thats awful! Im sorry your LO had to go through that!

      That’s what the ENT said- he has muffled hearing in his left ear but he can hear so thats good news for now.
      Yeah, tubes are in Eli’s future for sure. So glad you had a good experience with them! The surgery makes me nervous.

      1. We had tubes too and it’s great–need new ones but the first ones were in a long time (not placed til much later–2.5 years ops). Sounds like doct is knowledgeable but wht continue meds? Just in case it is off chance of infection maybe? Just don’t keep doing it most likely! Sooo frustrating cause I was told ‘do you thnk he can hear? Well then he can.’. That was to avoid a study where they put them under–but you can also just get him super sleepy (call or google Jon Day hearing clinic in long beach CA–they and everyone suggest that

        But it’s tricky and also tons of questions cause with or without tubes you want tO know stuff and doctors think we can’t or won’t understand when meanwhile we will google the ends of the earth trying to learn it if they can’t explain it to our satisfaction ….. Find the Ent you like best! But tubes are common for our kids & not a scary route at all.

        Probably too young for a long while but if you care to study ahead or just ask you eventually read up on adenoids & tonsils too–they are all quite big & blOck airways and lead to lots of (often undiagnosed) sleep apnea. NDSS & some researchers believe that sleep apnea that might be contributing significantly to the cognitive and behavioral (for autism too I believe) challenges. Which you may know from DSRFT & +15 webinars & events

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