Weekend Update

I love the weekends. 🙂 by Friday afternoon I am ready for Barry to come home and spend time with us. Not to mention the awesome help he provides. I feel the most like a little family on the weekends.

Last night we went on our first date since Eli arrived 5 weeks ago. (Thanks, Mom and Sarah!) We had a gift certificate from a friend for a Mexican food restaurant right around the corner. Our first date out and we went 2 minutes up the road. Lol
It was fun though. Live music, good food and a margarita. Heck yes! Barry was so cute because after 45 min he was talking about Eli and ready to go back. I made him promise we would be gone longer so we stayed for an hour and a half. We are hard core like that. Lol

It was nice to just relax and be a couple. Ironically, we did talk a bit more about bebe expansion.
My friend Adrienne over at The Upside of Wes hit the nail on the head with her latest post- “sucker baby”. Eli is so easy he suckers you into thinking you want another right away. Sure I’m not sleeping well and we are hermits right now but that’s part of having a newborn and pumping.
Our situation is so different though because of how we have to get pg.
I think we have decided that if it happens again on its own then awesome. If not then we will begin making financial plans when we can and go from there. So either way it will be a while.
I think if we do another round of IVF I will be more open with sharing. I blogged about it nonstop before but didn’t share my blog with everyone so it was a surprise to some people when we finally announced Eli’s due date.

Anyway, there are other factors like day care of multiple kiddos, space in our “perfect starter home” (that suddenly feels too small) and of course getting pg in the first place.
Don’t worry though!! I’m still pumping and it’s like built in birth control at this stage since I’m pumping so consistently and often. So no one freak out yet. We want to enjoy our time with Eli and see what happens from there.


This weekend we are just doing stuff around the house and watching Game of Thrones. ❤

Eli is still on antibiotics and he still has a pootie bootie. I think it's from the meds but another friend pointed out that fenugreek can do that too. We will see after he finishes his meds which it might be.
Eli has been doing very well on his tummy time- he's lifting his head to 45 degrees and some times 90. He holds his head up occasionally when being held, he's making awesome eye contact now and responding to noises well, and he's gripping more things (fingers, shirts, hair, grasping his own hands). He's also sucking his meds from the syringe very well.
I'm trying not to get hung up on future milestones or fret over what he may or may not do at different stages but it does feel overwhelming. I look at my book and I think, "oh man! He has 4 weeks to start doing…" and I'm anxious to here him smile in response to my smile. That would be awesome! But I know it will all come in time- Eli's time. So instead I'm celebrating what he can do, and so far he's pretty impressive. 🙂

Speaking of milestones, we haven't had another ECI consult since his initial evaluation. I will be calling them next week to see what's going on. And we were officially denied SSI- but I knew that would happen already (based on Barry's income alone, so even if I stayed at home it would not matter!) Oh well, we did all the stuff we were supposed to.

What else? …Barry's family is currently driving to Gulf Shores- their annual family beach gathering. We feel sad that we can't make it but Eli won't be able to enjoy it and neither would we. Not to mention the long car ride! It's just so much fun. Thankfully we are planning a "young Newman" gathering for labor day weekend which will be a blast.

Well, that's the update for now. Enjoying a sunny summer weekend with plans to have burgers for dinner. Have a great weekend!


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