First Ear Infection

…Hopefully this is not a trend

Waiting for the doctor
Feeling MUCH better
😦 darn those tiny ear canals!! He’s been congested since day one but it’s just gotten worse. At his first doctor’s appointment, the doctor suggested a cool mist humidifier, which we went out and purchased right away. I have an electronic aspirator coming in the mail tomorrow and I use saline drops in his nose.
All these things have helped, but he still has fluid in his ears and nose. I’m just not sure that I can do anything else to help him.

He’s sleeping in a portable bed right now that keeps him propped up. He seems more comfortable in that so I hope that helps to drain this evil goo from his nose.

He had a rough night last night- it was the worst. I just snuggled with him while he snuffled and snorted trying to breathe. I know how miserable I am when I can’t breathe so I can only imagine. 😦

I had noticed a frequency in his pootie diapers this morning and he seemed cranky, so his appointment this morning couldn’t have come at a better time. The doctor gave him antibiotics and he seems to be feeling better already. I’m so sad he is already having issues…and that he is already on medication. His ENT appointment next week doesn’t look promising.
Anyway- Eli’s stats:
8lb 7oz
20 1/4in

He is in the 10th percentile on the typical growth chart- our tiny man! But he is growing well 🙂

His next follow up is in 2 weeks and we discuss the serious business of vaccines. :/ This has got my tummy all in knots- big decision.

I’m now enjoying some quiet time on the couch with Barry and waiting for UPS to return my call. His clothes hamper was supposedly delivered today but I never got it. >:/ grrr…and it takes a million phone calls to get anything done- still not resolved and I’m going to pitch a fit if I can’t get it replaced. I’ve been home all day and never had issues with things being left at my door so it’s very frustrating to be told it was delivered when it wasn’t. (“Ma’am, did you check the backyard? Is there someone else living in your home that could have picked it up for you? Is it behind a bush?” Seriously…?)

Positive stuff for today-
-I got a good nap in despite the rough night!
-Pumping is still going wonderfully!
-Barry came home to visit for lunch and my mom is making the cutest cloth diapers in the whole world! I can’t wait for Eli to start wearing them.

Off to scare the crap out of my husband with a “family planning” discussion. hehe


10 Replies to “First Ear Infection”

  1. I wrote you a while back when your son was born. I had to exclusively pump for my son, and we made it over a year:-) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I learned a lot about power pumping etc. Exclusively pumping is a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I would do it all over again for him:-)

    1. Hey girl- I remember 🙂
      How often did you have to pump when he got older? Right now I’m trying to establish my supply so I pump every 1-2 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. It’s a lot of work but worth it. I just want to know when I can stop pumping as often. :/ so I have a but more freedom.
      When did you introduce solids?

      1. I think I probably pumped about 8 times a day when he got older. Sorry to say I never really was able to pump less times. For awhile I calculated how many ounces he drank etc (crazy new Mom LOL). The one thing I found in doing that is he drank the same amt of ounces in a day(when he was young and older), just how he drank it changed. So in the beginning I would pump after every time he ate. I would sit what I get in a bottle on the table, and that would be for his next feeding. When he got older, this method didn’t work because there would be more time between feedings (but he would eat a bigger quantity each time). So then I would pump and put it in bottles in the fridge. So I would pump every 3 hours, but he might have a lot more space between feeds…So I would find ways to entertain him to keep him occupied while I pumped. It worked well. The sad thing is when he slept through the night at 6 months, I had to keep getting up to pump. But I would just sit my pump beside the bed, turn a tiny light on just so I could barely see, pump, put what I pumped in a bottle in a freezer bag with an ice pack that I had sitting beside my bed (that way I didn’t have to go downstairs to refridgerate it.)
        Supply can ebb and flow. So on times that I was lower in milk, I would power pump (pump for 15 minutes, wait for 5 minutes and pump again for 10 minutes (you get jack squat the second pump, but it tells your body to make more milk). A few days of power pumping and your body makes a lot more milk. Sometimes I had too much milk. I would pour the extra in freezer bags. Or when I started making Jay’s baby food I would use breast milk instead of water to puree it, made it fattier and healthier for him. I introduced solids at 6 months- I go by the Dr. Sear’s philosophy that the body isn’t ready for solids before 6 months(to be honest feeding a baby, baby food is more work…better to wait until 6 months than to add to your plate early;-)
        Anyhoo, that is how much I had to pump. You might not need to pump that much. Every person is different. You could also take some herbs to help stimulate breast milk. I never did that…Basically, exclusive pumping is some of the hardest things I did, but it was the most rewarding.
        You can do it! Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helped. I guess maybe it is encouraging knowing that I would do it again, if one of my children needed it:-)
        PS If you don’t have much of a freezer stash, you could always see if any of your breastfeeding close friends could spare a couple bags of frozen milk for you to have on hand just in case. Once you get a freezer stash, you can breathe easier on those low days where you are power pumping away.

        You can do it! You Rock! It will get easier:-) Trust me, when Jay was 9 months I was still pumping, but was ready for another little, if it didn’t get easier, that wouldn’t have been my desire haha

      2. Oh gosh! I was really hoping to cut down my pumpings because I will have to return to work 😦 I hope I will be able to pump less when the time comes because I definitely don’t want to stop.

        I haven’t gotten to the place where I am really ahead of him. I pump and he eats. I might have one or two bottles ahead of him but he always catches up.

        haha I was writing down every time he ate and how much he ate but we gave that up after 2 weeks. Too much work lol
        I just pump when he is hungry and I’ve been able to pretty much keep up with him. When I was trying to manage how much he was eating I wasn’t making enough.

        The power pumping has worked wonders and so has the herbs.
        Is introducing solids difficult? I want to make my own baby food too. hehe

  2. I think even if you were working, I think it is doable-mind you I don’t know your job… You might not need as many pumps as me (people are so across the board on how they do with pumping…) Let’s say though you pumped 1. when you wake up for a good bit, you produce more in the morning 2. at your morning break at work (bring baby wash to smell/pic to look at etc to help) 3. at lunch 4. afternoon break 5. when you get home/after supper 6. when you put your little down 7. before you go to bed 8. once in the middle of the night. You would already be at 8, now if you produce more maybe you wouldn’t need one of those work time pumps. Oh and power pump in the evening, I mean your little is down, you are watching tv nothing better to do;-) Also, maybe you will totally produce more than me, and won’t need as many pumps. Ask your working Mama friends how they handle pumping at work, and how much they feel they need to do that…

    Keep your pump parts in the fridge between pumps, run some warm water over the horns before you pump the next time to warm them up, and you won’t have to wash your pump parts as much…Saves a lot of time!

    We LOVED making baby food for both of our children. It is soooo much better for them & it saves a TON of money! We got the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Reading it as a whole book I was overwhelmed, but really if you stick to the month by month what they can eat pages, you are set. So month one (at age 6 months) he could have avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes etc. The first two is a simple stick it in the blender add mama juice or water, puree & freeze in ice cube tray. Take cubes out, place in containers in freezer. Trays are ready to make their next batch. Sweet potatoes, peel, dice & steam in a pasta pot, puree with mama juice/water… With things like green beans and stuff we just bought the frozen, steamed it, pureed, etc. We made baby food like once a week. She doesn’t eat meat, so for that we would take ground meat, boil it until cooked (we added spices- I mean really we eat flavor, why shouldn’t they;-) One thing from her book though, she made her own rice cereal…we were NEVER successful with that…We bought Happy Bellies kind (it is a Dr. Sear’s brand). We loved that brand. (We found it at Whole Foods.) We originally got hooked on it because Jay had a problem with soy, and most rice cereals have soy lecithin (that one didn’t). We loved he got probiotics with it!

    It is hard work pumping, but it is so worth it. You can do it. If you ever need encouragement, let me know! I think looking back, I would have pumped longer for Jay…But I made it past a year, but reaching that one year point was like finishing a marathon. I mean really rewarding!

    1. Thank you! I guess when you put it like that 8 pumpings a day really can fit into my schedule. I’m a teacher so I definitely have time to do all that. I can probably pump about 6-7 times by dinner with my schedule. Guess I just needed to see it laid out like that. Lol

      As for the solids, I need to go get that book. It sounds perfect- exactly what I need. I posted the same question on Facebook and got so many different responses. I will discuss this with my pediatrician when it gets closer and check out that book.

      Feeling more like “I can do this!” 🙂

      1. I used to be a teacher:-) I taught 1st for one year (ugh!) and 2nd for three years (LOVED IT!) Then I joined my husband on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. Have a great night!

  3. PS- I read some of your other blogs. You asked some about crying it out. We never did that with our kids-we got the baby book by dr. sear’s before Jay was born, and it really made sense that we need to respond to our kids. It definitely didn’t spoil them! Jay slept through the night at 6 months. Kay slept through the night at 9 months (she is a peanut, the pediatrician said she didn’t have enough fat on her to be able to make it all the way through the night without needing additional food). My husband took a class recently on formational prayer and of all things the lecturer talked a lot about neuroscience and how babies until the age of 3 need their parents to process emotions, so when babies cry, they need to be responded to so that they know that when they are wet, hungry, in pain etc there is hope. It was really intriguing, and it made me thankful that my cousins recommended the Sear’s book long ago.
    Now with Kay, it was easy nurse her back to sleep. Jay…well exclusive pumping made it difficult. So I we would have him take a bottle to fall asleep, but sometimes when he was a baby he would wake up and it would be too early for another bottle (not enough milk) so we would have him suck our finger until he fell asleep (while he laid in his crib) or if he was just having a hard time we would just lay a hand on him (rubbing his belly or his forehead-so he wouldn’t be able to see as well and would close his eyes) so he knew we were there until he fell asleep in his crib so we wouldn’t have to lay him in and disturb him(yes you will get a crick in your back ha!). We didn’t have to do that a whole bunch, but sometimes we went through seasons of it. Oh and for the bottle, we always used level one nipples because it was slower, but when he got closer to one we sped up the flow, and he was typically laid in his bed awake (he fell to sleep no problem). We always had a short routine, bath, prayer, bottle, lay in bed, turn and leave. He always did well with that (and so does Kay).
    We also learned that if Jay cried at night, he had an ear infection. Ugh! I feel sorry for you all having that. Hope things go better for you tonight!

    1. It’s funny how we do things to let our little ones know that we are there and then slowly melt away. Hehe I do the hand on his chest thing too. 🙂

      Yeah I’ve stopped worrying about if we are spoiling him at this stage. I think it’s important to let him feel secure and to snuggle. Besides, with me going back to work I need to take the snuggles while I can get them! 🙂
      Also, now that he is sleeping in a different bed he’s sleeping way better so that helps too.

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