One Month Old

Happy One Month to our precious guy!!! Eli is one month today- I can hardly believe it!
Also…drum roll please…I’ve been pumping for one month!! Yay!! Any length of time pumping is a success in my book but I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty impressed. 😉 to celebrate one month of our new life we have napped and been couch potatoes. Perfect day lol

So we have figured out that Eli is a bigger turkey than we thought!! Haha
When we go visit family in the evenings it throws off his schedule. Just goes to show how important a schedule is!
We normally bathe him every night between 7-8, feed him and then he goes to bed around 9-10 and sleeps for about 5 hours.
If we are out, we feed him at the same time we always do and he goes to sleep no problem. He will sleep the whole time where ever we are, sleep on the way home and sleep for about 10min once we get home. Then he is up and he’s up all night!
Best travel tips? Anyone?
We need to transition him from the car to his bed and get successful sleeping times logged! Lol

Well it looks like its time for another nap! Hope everyone is enjoying their extended holiday weekend!


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