Yesterday was rough! Eli decided to be a toot yesterday. It was Monday so what did I expect? Not a lot went the way I had wanted…it was my first day in almost a month that I didn’t feel “with it”. Our routine was out the window and Eli refused to sleep unless I was holding him. Little turkey!!
Barry came home and it was more of the same until he finally gave it up and passed out several hours later.

While Eli slept, we celebrated the positive stuff from the day: We discovered that he has 2 outfits that fit him perfectly that originally hung on him in the hospital. Growing boy! And I had a full day and a half where he ate all breastmilk. 🙂
Then we settled in for the night and drifted off to bed…only to be woken by his screams at 2am! He never wakes screaming and we discovered why: We forgot to turn on the humidifier and he was all congested. He couldn’t breathe and was uncomfortable. 😦 I felt so so bad!
I finally got his nose cleared and fed him but it took him an hour before he could wind down. Then I had to pump…
So sleep went out the window. No nap during the day and a difficult evening. I am now snuggled next to him in my bed while he blissfully sleeps and I pump. Story of my life. Lol
It’s times like this that I wish I weren’t pumping. I could feed him when he wakes up and enjoy some more rest.

Such is life! typical newborn antics…we operate on his schedule! Which makes me happy and tired. 🙂 I love being a mom!! I dislike being tired. Lol

Speaking of being tired, we have been struggling during the day with getting him to sleep on his own. He needs to be snuggled. We started this with all the skin to skin we did in the beginning to bond and help my milk come in.
His need to be held was aggravated more by the fact that we had non-stop visitors for like 2.5 weeks, all of which wanted to hold him.

Now what I have discovered is that he sleeps instantly and easily when on my chest or in my arms but when I try to put him in his bassinet he always wakes up. So then I pick him up, rock him and try again. This will continue for about 30 minutes before he finally gives it up. Today was even worse because of Monday’s mishaps.
If I held him he slept, if not he cried. I just needed a nap lol

So you have to decide: snuggle with him and sleep or fuss with him and stay awake. Snuggling becomes the best option for me because sleeping while your baby cries is impossible…in my opinion. It makes my feet and hands tingle (like I’m about to fall from a high ledge) and my heart jumps in my throat like I’m about to have an anxiety attack! It’s awful! So we nap together sometimes.
The good thing- the bonding time paid off and I feel very connected to him. The bad thing- I worry I’m setting the precedent for all sleeping behavior. Is he too young to let him “cry it out”? Are snuggles a need at this point or is he just spoiled? Will he never be able to self-soothe and sleep on his own?
Not sure what to do at almost 4 weeks old. :/
(Side-note: He can and does sleep on his own and I am capable of letting him fuss in his bed- but I’m still concerned about this becoming a habit.)

Moving on…
Today I thought I might sneak in an early morning nap- he slept from 5-9!! But I remembered I had a speech therapist session set up with some girlfriends in my Ds group. It was so so good! All the ladies have infants ranging in age from 7mo to 4weeks 🙂 we got to learn some oral therapy techniques for stretching our little ones muscles and strengthening them. It was informative and helpful. Eli is too little for it now but we will save that info for later. So many good tips! Communication is going to be one of the most important things in my opinion. Which reminds me…I need to look for a good baby sign language series- any tips?

Anyway, we had lunch together and visited. Such a good time! I’m so blessed to have such an active group that’s so nice and caring.
I never thought I would be a “mommy group” kind of mom but I enjoy their company. Makes me wish I was a SAHM and could visit like that all the time. 😉

The rest of this week is busy. I have a friend coming to keep me company tomorrow, visiting work and Barry’s office to show off Eli and family dinner over the weekend. Should be fun!

Barry came home determined to get Eli to sleep in his bassinet. He has the magic touch- he’s sleeping away but needed his pacifier to finally pass out.
Hopefully we can recover quickly from our Monday and get our schedule back again.
Thanks for reading- Hope everyone is having a good week!!


15 Replies to “Whew!!”

  1. I highly recommend Baby Signing Time (www.signingtime.com)! It’s a series of 3 videos (I think) created specifically for babies to learn key signs for everyday things. They also have many more videos for older kids. My family used the baby videos for my littlest sister, and she LOVED them. It was so awesome for her to be able to sign before she could talk, and we all had fun learning together. I love doing sign language with little ones, and I’m sure you will too. It’s so awesome!

  2. baby signing time for sure! but don’t be upset if he doesn’t react to the videos for many months. it took rachel a long time to want to sit and watch and then more time to learn them. but now she loves the songs and signs a ton!
    and girl, he’s 4 weeks old!! don’t worry about habits. snuggle him if he wants to be snuggled. i would give anything to have had my son be a snuggler and not have him in pain those first 4 months. i missed out on that good stuff. my son slept in his bouncy seat for 9 months. he’s just gotten into his crib and in two days is doing fantastic. so don’t worry. they are only that small for a very short time and you will miss that cuddling.

    1. Thanks for that!! I feel like at 4 weeks you can’t hold them too much. Hehe but I’m still a worrier. 😉
      Sounds like that signing program is the best! What age did you start the program?

      1. we started having her watch the videos around 18 months of age. you can start sooner but she really had no interest in sitting still to watch TV at that point. but once she started liking them, the signing just took off. i think that along with having a speech therapist come out and start signing with her around that time made all the difference. even now she’ll break out a new sign that we hadn’t been using but she picked up from the videos.

      2. oh, and part of the reason it took so long for rachel to start signing is because she was so physically motivated. you’ll find that most kids with Ds are usually one or the other. so, if he’s behind in gross motor skills, most likely he’ll be communicating much sooner.

      3. Hmm that’s good to know! I wasnt aware that our kiddos were like that!

        I can’t imagine him being even remotely interested until later so we will just play it by ear. Definitely excited to use it though!

  3. Yes I will second Baby Signing Time! I did that with my daughter who’s now 3 and it was wonderful to be able to communicate with her at an early age–definitely helped the tantrums too. As for the self soothing, I think they call the early newborn stage the 4th trimester for the reason you’re describing 🙂 You can’t spoil them at this age. Hang in there mama! Pretty soon he should be sleeping better and hopefully you can catch up on your sleep too! 🙂 I’ll be right there with you hopefully by next week! lol!

    1. I forgot they called it that!! Yeah I just told Maggie I feel the same way. He is so little there is no way snuggles are not a need. Hehe
      When did you begin using sign language? Are you getting excited!!? 🙂

      1. Can’t remember exactly what age we started it but was probably around 4-5 months. We used it mostly when she started eating solids. That way she could indicate “more” or “all done.” I would do the hand signals and then she picked them up from me. We did the videos but I think it was mostly her seeing me do it and copying. It will take a little time for them to get it fully and start mimicking you.

        Yes definitely getting excited but nervous about upcoming labor!! Hoping it goes faster than the last one and that she comes on time! I’m due May 31st but doesn’t look like there’s much progress going on as of yet…guess she’s comfy in there 🙂

      2. That’s good advice- start small with useful signs. 🙂

        Well the 31st is right around the corner!! Eli wasn’t showing any signs of coming on a Tuesday and showed up on a Saturday so you never know!! Praying for a speedy labor!! Can’t wait to “meet” her!

  4. Hang in there! You’re doing great – really!
    I personally could never let my babies cry. I just couldn’t. And didn’t. I don’t really care what the “experts” say. Go with what you feel is right and what makes your mothering instincts happy.

    1. 🙂 it’s hard!! He’s too little to let him cry it out in my opinion. But I worry lol
      Oh well he got snuggled all day yesterday so I’m not going to worry about it.

  5. we started baby signing times around age one, but Luke wasn’t very into them. We started again recently and they seem more enjoyable for him now. That’s what others recommended to us as well. He knows and uses a couple signs so far, which is helpful.

    Personally, I don’t think you can spoil babies at Eli’s stage. I held all my guys a lot and never “cried it out”. They are all snugglers, but never fell asleep that well without snuggles. Don’t worry my 5 and 6 year olds fall asleep fine now 😉
    I still cuddle Luke to sleep at almost 2 years though. I figure at some point they won’t want to cuddle, so I’ll take advantage of these times now. It gets hard sometimes, but I mostly enjoy that time.

    I’m glad you found a good mommy group, it always feels good to connect with another adult once in awhile!

    1. Haha that’s what I think!! Eventually he won’t want to snuggle. 🙂
      I’ve heard varying ages to start so I guess we will just get it and see how he reacts as he gets older. One thing is for sure- we will definitely use it!

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