Sunday, Lazy Sunday

20120520-181328.jpgThis weekend has been bliss!
We had 2 nights in a row where Eli slept for 5 hours at a time. I still had to get up to pump- sitting quietly in the dark with my machine “whooshing”, listening for Eli’s awake sounds. But when that was done, I climbed back into bed and slept. It was glorious. 🙂

And Barry! Oh, my wonderful husband has been amazing this weekend. He has been so helpful and eager to have time with our son that its made my routine easier. I’m spoiled.
I dread night time because I know it means to mock my inability to sleep. But in swoops Barry to help out.
And mealtime is normally put on hold because I almost always have to pump when it’s time to eat and then Eli wakes up…so I’m sitting on the couch, attached to my pump, with a plate of cold food, holding a bottle to Eli’s mouth. Lol it’s a site. But this weekend Barry held him at every meal so I could eat or pump. What a guy!

Even more bliss? Ok!
Even though I’m normally grumpy and tired, the mornings are simply the sweetest. Eli will make a chirp or grunt from his bassinet near our bed and I will climb out to get him. We spend the better part of the early morning hours laying in the sun dappled room snuggling until he is fully ready to wake. I love the way he smells combined with the sweet baby lotion that mingles with his scent. This is my absolute most favorite time of the day. 🙂

This weekend I even got out of the house to print some of his newborn pictures and get my hair cut. I also signed us up for the annual Buddy Walk for our area! I have already had 2 families commit to walking with us! Eli is one loved little man!
{you can join our team at: , search for team name: “Enhanced by Eli”}
AND! Eli hasn’t had any formula today and his diaper rash is finally clearing up!
That’s a successful weekend if I ever heard of one!

Now I’m enjoying a spaghetti dinner my mom made while Eli is being passed around. Monday will bring with it all my responsibilities and all my multi-tasking but today I will quietly relish this time and rock out Monday when it comes. 🙂


3 Replies to “Sunday, Lazy Sunday”

  1. I had to pump with all 3 of my kids. None of them were good latchers, all fell asleep while nursing-so frustrating but we got through it. I think it was different with all of them but on average I think I pumped for 5 months each. It’s hard but worth it. Sounds like Eli is working out the little kinks and before you know it you both be on a very nice schedule. That’s great that you signed up for the buddy walk- such a fun event!! You really have so much to look forward to. Just enjoy this infant stage because before you know it he’ll be saying “no!” left and right just like any other toddler;)

    1. 5 months seems so long! Lol but pumping is easier when you aren’t dead tired…so I’m hanging in there 🙂

      I’m super excited about the buddy walk! It’s going to be so amazing!

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