Dude, I’m a mom!

20120516-145217.jpgToday was a success so far! I showered without Eli crying, discovered I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, and I left the house with him to get his newborn bloodwork taken care of. 🙂 felt so good!
I also tried mothers milk tea- nasty nasty!!! Tastes like black licorice. :/
AND I found Eli’s hutch on sale at the baby store so maybe we can finish his room soon.

I think I’ve figured it out- if I’m up at the crack of dawn to shower, pump and feed him the day goes so much smoother.
But that means I have to get up. Lol

Diaper rash situation is still going on. Spoke to the PA at the pediatricians office and she ordered another prescription that she swears is magic. I’m skeptical but willing to try. I’m no longer using baby wipes, but warm wash cloths instead. Letting his bottom air out and I think I own every diaper rash cream that exists. This needs to work!

The PA did say that at 3 weeks their bowels are going through changes. If he is gassy and fussy that’s normal and doesn’t always mean he has a milk allergy. His stools will vary and get more pasty and harder to pass until he learns how to poop lol
In fact, the diaper rash didn’t seem to worry her or make her think he has an allergy. She said his stools were changing and that means his insides are working. Good stuff.
So I ate cheese today. Lol we will see.

As for the endo situation, I spoke to my OB’s PA and she said that breast feeding actually helps keep it at bay. So when I am ready to wean him, that’s the very best time to try getting pg again. That made me feel a bit better- not so much pressure. Barry and I still haven’t talked about it. Frankly we are pooped and it hasn’t been at the top of my list.

Also, someone told me the surgery to remove the endo isn’t so bad so that’s a plus. We will see. That’s looking too far ahead right now.
I’m just relishing the success of my day 🙂 lol its the little things.

Speaking of which, I finally got around to starting Kelle Hampton’s Bloom. So far I’ve laughed and cried. 🙂 it made me realize how very blessed I am. Eli’s birth was a celebration. It was full of love, excitement and family waiting for our precious son. And so far this journey has been like any other new baby story.
What was I so worried about? What was I so afraid of?
I’m the worst worry wart ever and I still have fears but they seem so typical now. They feel so average. Things I would worry about no matter Eli’s diagnosis.
It’s nice. I’m just a mom with a newborn. And that’s awesome. 🙂


9 Replies to “Dude, I’m a mom!”

  1. I don’t know you but I enjoy following your blog. I don’t know if you’ve tried it but corn starch works wonders on diaper rash. You just sprinkile it on his bottom, like you would with powder. Keep up the good work, mama!! 🙂

  2. Pre pregnancy jeans?! Wow. Atta girl. It’s been two and a half years and I still haven’t gotten to that box in the basement.

    Honey really helps the mother’s milk tea. You’re right. It’s icky. I think I drank mine with a tablespoon of splenda in it and a scrunched face.

    and hooray for cloth diapers. What kind are you using?

    1. Hehe well I would be lying if I said the jeans fit exactly the same but they fit! Lol

      I’m using some handmade ones right now but I have g diapers, thirsties, and sunbaby diapers in larger sizes waiting for Eli to grow. 🙂

      I will try that with the tea but licorice is the one flavor I absolutely cannot stand. Lol

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