First Sick Night

Yesterday was Friday which was very exciting for me because it meant that Barry would be home for the weekend with us.

We also had our first outting as a family- to dinner to celebrate my beautiful sister’s completion of her Bachelors degree. It was surreal and fun- everyone fussing over Sarah and everyone excited to see Eli. 🙂
I’m so excited for my sister and what’s next for her. She’s going to do amazing things!

At dinner I went to the restroom to do my first “away” diaper change only to discover a diaper rash Eli had developed on Wednesday night was raging and angry on his hiney. 😦 also his stool was very different than its been the last 10 days. I panicked and called the pediatrician who only suggested a new diaper rash cream and said the diarrhea was aggravating the rash. Duh!!
So I switched from the prescription cream to Boudreauxs Butt Paste, which had been working fine before.
I took him home and he was passed out! He had been fussy all day long so he was tired. We washed his booty with warm water and then let his hiney hang out to dry. I wish he could fit his cloth diapers right now, because I am sure they would take care of rash!

Anyway, about an hour later he woke up screaming! Arching his back in pain. He was trying to go potty but it hurt him so bad. It was awful to watch. I changed his diaper and tried to comfort him. He was so upset that milk was coming out of his nose. I felt so terrible.

Everything I’ve read about diaper rashes and diarrhea is so vague. It could be caused by something I ate, could be normal because he is breastfed, could be a food allergy…ugh it’s so frustrating to think the food I’m making may be hurting him. And I don’t even know what to remove from my diet besides milk products!
What I do know is I’m more tired than I’ve been in 2 weeks but it seems Eli is feeling better. *sigh* more poor baby!!

In other news, we got his newborn pictures back and I need to print them. 🙂 Also, we are working hard on getting Eli to sleep in his bassinet. We have had so many visitors he is getting used to being held! Spoiled little guy! Lol so I’ve actually said “no” to a few people who asked to visit recently. Also felt bad about that but we need the break and he needs to learn to sleep without being held all the time.

Hmm what else? The dogs are continuing to adjust well. Still trying to figure out this new person in the house but they are less anxious and less nosy about him.

Still pumping but I’m not going to lie- I hate it sometimes. (especially at 3am) But I am able to do it and it’s best for Eli. So I keep doing it and most of the time it doesn’t bother me. Eli continues to pretend to be interested in breast feeding. We are still working on it. 🙂

So I guess that’s it for now. Saturday I’m sure will be a lazy day because we are flat out pooped!!

Oh! Last thing!! Happy two weeks my beautiful boy!! Can’t believe it! You have turned our world upside down and brought so much love it’s unreal!! Amazing what can happen in 2 weeks.


10 Replies to “First Sick Night”

  1. keep an eye on the arching and screaming…kids with Ds have low tone everywhere in their body so reflux is very common. he could be refluxing out of his nose.

    1. Thanks! My pediatrician said the same thing. I would agree that’s probably the issue with the milk coming out of his nose. But the rest…I think he is gassy and I’m not sure if it’s the formula or something I ate causing his tummy to be sad.

  2. i also wanted to say that charlie has a severe milk allergy. first it started as crying and not sleeping well, then he started having diarrhea constantly and he developed a horrible diaper rash that didn’t go away with any cream, lastly he started getting blood in his stool. we had to put him on neocate – a completely broken down formula. if you want to see if it is a milk sensitivity or allergy, you will need to take all milk out of your diet. it’s in everything so you would have to read all the labels. if you find things are getting worse with him, try it for about 3 weeks and see if you notice a difference in his crying and diaper rash.

    1. Thanks- I’m going to try exactly that. Even his formula is milk based. 😦 so its hard to eliminate just something I’m eating as the source.
      He’s been fine for almost 2 weeks and the only issues have been the rash and 2 nights of being gassy. So not sure yet.
      I also switched his diaper rash cream so we will see.

  3. Hi… I found your blog with a search on materniT21. I’m pregnant with baby number 2, our first was born with down syndrome. Anyway I just love how you embraced your pregnancy after you got the diagnosis, and find myself coming back to your blog to check in on little Eli.
    Have you tried desitin ‘creamy’ for diaper rash? That stuff has worked miracles on my little one’s hiney, we have had no luck with Boudreaux’s, although a lot of people swear by it. Just wanted to give you another lead on diaper cream. Also, hang in there with breast feeding! It is hard! I also did the 1/2 pumping 1/2 nursing gig for a while because my little one spent some time in the NICU and I had a hard time establishing my supply. I used a lot of the Medela cream during pumping and the lansinoh after. Wishing you well, and thanks for sharing your story!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!! Thanks for checking out our story. 🙂
      And thank you for the sweet comment. 🙂 a baby is a baby and seeing our sons face just solidifies how I felt when we found out- he is ours and he is precious no matter what.

      Congrats on your second little miracle! Are you planning to take the materniT21 test?
      I just switched to desitin tonight! Hehe so we will see how that goes. And pumping is officially the devil!! Lol my husband had to coax me out of bed this morning just to do it. I’m so so tired and my poor (.)(.) hurt. Lol it’s worth it but hard. *sigh* I’m going to keep at it!

      Keep me updated about your sweet family! Always love hearing about new little ones!

      1. Be sure to try the blue desitin tube that says ‘creamy’. The purple didn’t help once a rash has started.
        I didn’t get the materniT21 test. I’m in Louisiana and it isn’t offered here yet. Our dr found a soft marker for DS (EIF- little bright spot in the heart) this time so we ended up doing an amino to be prepared. Had a birth diagnosis with our first baby, and wanted a celebration this time instead of the shock. Amino came back normal so just looking forward to (hopefully) no NICU this time. I’m due in July.
        Another tip about pumping and breast feeding. Be sure to take care of yourself! Try the hands free pumping bra – I ended up hurting my wrists from holding the pumps the same way every time. Also remember to bring the baby to the breast, not breast to the baby…. Same ergonomic issues will get you, from leaning over or twisting slightly every time.
        You and Eli will do great. Looks like he got a great family!
        Good luck and thanks for the reply!

      2. I have the one that says max strength. One side of his booty already looks better so I think it may be helping. We will see, but thanks for the suggestion!

        That’s exactly what we wanted- we didn’t want to feel disappointed or sad when he was born- it’s a celebration!
        Glad the amnio came back good. 🙂 that’s awesome news!

        I have the hands free bra- its amazing. I didn’t know about it until my lactation consultant suggested it. As far as bringing him to the breast, we practice a lot so we will just keep at it. Seriously ready for a full nights sleep though. And it’s only been 2 weeks!! Lol

  4. Hey again Ashley, Just a wee tip in case the rash gets so bad it ulcerates. Our daughter had terrible ulcers we just couldn’t get rid of and a doctor prescribed mouth ulcer gel in the end. It was waterproof and able to put a healing barrier over the ulcer. The pharmacist thought the doc was mad, prescribing mouth ulcer gel for a wee buby but that’s what knocked it on the head in the end! Really hope it doesn’t get to that and you have no use for this tip! 🙂 Keep persevering!

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