20120510-192259.jpgFollow up with pediatrician went very well! Doctor said the lumps on the back of his head were lymph nodes and nothing to worry over.

He also said his nose is just sniffly and to get a humidifier. His nasal spit up is likely due to reflux and nothing else.
We have a newborn screen to complete and he won’t see Eli until he is a month. And we begin vaccines at 2 months. 🙂

Love love love our pediatrician and his office- they flocked over to Eli to ooh-ahh over him. 🙂 proud momma!

I enjoyed being able to get out of the house, no fussy baby and I still was able to pump around my schedule. 🙂

Now Barry and I are enjoying a movie while Eli slumbers. We officially have zero visitors tonight and it’s amazing.
What a good day!!


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