20120509-143308.jpgToday was our first ECI appointment- well it was more of an evaluation, but still. It was exciting and I was very nervous- what questions should I ask? will they see problems? what questions will they have? how does this process even work?!

Let me just say it was such a wonderful experience! I had a lot of paper work to fill out and they asked a lot of questions. Mainly they focused on his birth and his upper body strength. After sorting through his birth story and overall health evaluation, they just wanted to watch him.

They were able to see him eating, burping and then he had a long quiet awake time. The speech therapist had so many encouraging things to say! I was beaming with pride!
Eli has great jaw strength, a strong latch that doesn’t let any air in and is positioned correctly, a good solid suckle, and a healthy appetite.

She suggested some facial massages to help his tongue strength/position and prevent spit up from coming out his nose. Eli doesn’t spit up really, but sometimes he will have milk come out of his nose. Poor guy! It makes him congested and she thinks that the spaces in his mouth/airways might be tiny causing this to happen. So we will ask the pediatrician about that tomorrow though she wasn’t super concerned. Just do the facial massages. 🙂

They positively commented on his muscle tone and his ability to lift his head. My strong man!
They don’t want me to begin tummy time on the floor- holding him on my chest and allowing him to lift his head is sufficient up to a month.

During his alert time they just showered me with praise! Hehe I have to toot Eli’s horn for him. 🙂 they were very surprised at his strength and alertness especially being premature. He spent a long time looking around, reacting to lights and sounds, and just observing his surroundings.
At this stage they just suggested talking to him, walking him, time on my chest, time on his side, the facial massages and some sitting positions that build trunk strength. They were warm, helpful and encouraging. 🙂 focused on the positive and best of all said I didn’t look like a first time mom. Score one for those Newmans! Hehe

ECI bills our insurance directly and should they chose not to pay, we will only be charged $55 a month for their services. We have a coordinator that will work specifically for us and visit twice a month. Should we need more sessions or have additional concerns then more sessions can be added.

Since Eli is a new born there wasn’t much else to do. We just discussed goals for the next 6-12 months and now he is napping because being evaluated is hard work!

It was much more relaxed and easy than I thought.

In other news, today is day two of going solo with my little man and we are doing well! 10 am seems to be a fussy time for him but it’s not terrible. My milk production is at about 60-90ml per session and we are settled into a routine. What’s difficult is when we have visitors or doctors appointments…it throws everything off! So I dont like that part, but it’s good training for getting back to a real life instead of hermitting away in the house.

Speaking of which, it’s nap time!!


3 Replies to “ECI”

  1. You are doing so well Ashley! I remember the days of having to pump for two of my little people, both my son with DS and with my oldest. It is so tiring, all the cleaning and washing and extra bits, but live in hope. When you do get to that point where you don’t need to pump then feeding feels like a breeze! And yes, we got there, with that and so many other milestones and you guys will too. I love that you already realise that this is just a season, keep remembering that. I reckon (after 4 bubs) that you generally finally start feeling vaguely normal again after about 6 weeks. Just relax and go witht he flow in the meantime! Blessings to you all, keep enjoying each other and remembering to show each other grace!

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