Busy Busy!

My beautiful friend Laura Hollander came over yesterday to take Eli’s newborn pictures. Check out her blog to see a few favorite shots! Absolutely beautiful- made me cry!
I’m so thankful for her and her talents. I would never have had time to take any myself and make them look this amazing.

Speaking of time…lol or lack there of. We are on a pretty good 3-4 hour sleep schedule. I still have so much to do!
Organize his clothing (he doesn’t fit in half the stuff since he is so tiny!)
Get a trashcan and hamper
Print ECI paperwork
Make a copy of his amnio for ECI
Submit pump claim to insurance
Send follow up paperwork for my maternity leave
File for SSI
Add Eli to our insurance


Anyway, so the last few nights have been rough for me. I need sleep. I know…I know…
During the day I do well, but getting up at night to pump is hard. The pay off is huge, though and it makes me feel amazing to be able to provide for him. Two huge improvements in that area- my supply has increased to about 60ml each pump, and Eli has successfully latched/feed 3 times! He still fusses a bit and prefers one (.) over the other. We are working very hard at it and it’s paying off. I can see that breast feeding will be possible but it’s going to be work.
Last night Barry and I switched off. I got up to pump and clean up from the last feeding. An hour later, Barry was up to feed him. It’s not ideal and I’m not sure how other people do it, but this way we are both helping each other. Barry is amazing. I know he is tired but he is so so patient with this whole process. I on the other hand lack all grace. lol I’m tired dangit!!!
At my 1am pumping I got up and Barry had left me a little love note to encourage me. He is always complimenting how much milk I make and saying how proud of me he is. 🙂 I needed that note to get through that pumping.

And yesterday at the photoshoot, Barry was the calming force. Eli wouldn’t settle down and sleep for Laura and I. Barry stepped in and bam! Pictures! lol Poor Laura was here for 3 hours trying to get good pictures. Like I said, she is amazing.

What am I going to do without him?! He is going back to work tomorrow and that means I will probably have family over helping. But it’s going to be hard. I’m going to miss him being here and I certainly don’t want to interfere with his work…so hopefully we can work out a schedule.

Our little man is changing so much already. He is having more quiet alert times, which is fun to experience. He just chills and looks around. He is also a snuggle bug. He would rather cuddle in your arms than sleep in his bassinet. When he does sleep in his bassinet, he goes through quiet and active sleep pretty rapidly. He wiggles all the way to the top of the bassinet and right out of his swaddle! Low muscle tone my butt! lol He is rolling to both sides and lifting his head. So proud. 🙂

I say all of this because I was fussing with FB last night while I was pumping and ran across some posts in my DS support groups. They discouraged me…talking more about cognitive ability and health issues that develop later in life. I didn’t need that- we are doing amazing and things are great. But you know me, I worry. Right now I have a lot on my plate and 2 days ago we discovered a cluster of bumps on the back of Eli’s head. I spoke to my pediatrician and he thinks they are just lymph nodes and isn’t worried about them. They don’t hurt him, he isn’t running a fever…and we have an appointment to be seen in just 4 days. But I worry. 😦 So yeah..I didn’t want to read about possible health issues.

Anyway- no focusing on that. Today I woke up with a renewed sense of peace and comfort. Just greatful for another day with our sweet sweet man and all the little victories we have accomplished.
Not to mention our amazing families/friends and all their support and help. We haven’t had to make food all week because of them. 🙂 So blessed!

Ok…I guess that wasn’t a quick update. But now I’m done for real 😉
Nappy time!!!


4 Replies to “Busy Busy!”

  1. I’ve been following your blog and just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! I appreciate your realness in your blog to get me prepared for how pregnancy, birth, and life after the baby is here will be. I had a question about submitting the pump claim to insurance. I was going to purchase a Medella pump because I plan to breastfeed and then go back to work. Can you submit a claim for the cost of the pump to insurance and get reimbursed from them?

    1. Thank you for following! I’m so glad I could be helpful! How are along are you in your pregnancy? Congrats! That’s so exciting! 🙂
      I’m no sure how it works with a pump you purchase but mine is one I rented from the hospital- which is really the best quality you can get. Medela is what I am using and I love it!
      Follow up with your insurance and see but I know for sure it applies to rented machines. 🙂 have your doctor write a prescription for you if that’s the route you chose. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks for the advice. I plan to get a Medella pump as I have heard that they are the very best! 🙂 Our baby is due Sept 13th. We are hoping to find out the gender at our next US appointment on the 16th. So far our baby has been very shy in showing it’s private parts and likes to cross it’s legs or put it’s hand in the way. 🙂 Maybe it’s a very polite girl! 🙂

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