One Week Old

A week ago today my little nugget decided he was ready to come! I can hardly believe it!
I miss those little feet kicking inside my tummy, but it’s hard to miss them too much when I look down at my son.
Tomorrow we have his newborn pictures taken- I simply can’t wait! :3I’m officially off my Vicodin and feeling pretty good about that. I was worried it would dry up my milkies, but it doesn’t seem to be a factor. The good thing, I’m not in any real pain so that’s awesome (just sore but not enough to take anything). I really think I have super uterus, and while I know that labor and nether-region pain varies for everyone, my experiences lead me to believe I have a higher tolerance for pain than I thought.

Anyway, back to pumping. I smell like maple syrup because of the fenugreek. But it’s a good thing. 🙂
I’ve noticed that my worst pumping is at dinner time, seems that I make the least milk then. So weird.
But I’m super proud that I have been able to go this long! I’m still not making enough to satisfy him- I drink water like crazy, snack at every pumping, use a heating pad, self express, let Eli nuzzle/suckle/and have skin-to-skin, take fenugreek, and pump every 3 hours. But I’m sticking with it.
I asked for some advice on FB and the response was crazy- in a good way! Breastfeeding is like taking a political stance…lol But everyone was super helpful.

And while I know that it’s only been a week, I am fearful that I will continue not to be able to keep up with him. I have no need to leave my home right now, but with Eli not actually taking the breast and me being a slave to my Medela, I don’t feel like I will ever get to leave the house any time soon! Breastfeeding is hard!! I know it gets better, but I just want to be able to make what he needs. I consistently make about 30-35ml from both breasts each pumping (except dinner…) and yet he is still hungry. It’s frustrating because I’m not able to satisfy him. Some times he will need an additional 35ml! Which I know is totally normal at this stage, but still. *pout*

That being said, all the stuff I am doing really helps, so when it’s your turn look at that list! I didn’t know any of that stuff until I had to do it myself- even with my breastfeeding books!

Today went really well, we have settled into a schedule and can easily work around guests. It’s nice. 🙂 Today I napped more (that’s a difficult thing for me- I have stuff to do! lol or at least I think I do…). And I got some good skin-to-skin and Moby wrap time! I looove my Moby wrap- best invention ever. My only concern at this stage is the later positions. Some require his hips to be spread, which could potentially be an issue. I have my first ECI meeting next week, so I will ask about that then. At this stage, he is in the kangaroo hold so he is my little rolly polly and his legs stay together.

Speaking of ECI- anyone got suggestions on things to look for or ask about?

hmmm…what else?
I spent some time on FB today looking through all my friends. Suddenly I feel very protective of my pictures of Eli and who may or may not be able to see those personal images. Could the wrong person stumble across them, or my blog and use them to make fun? To be nasty or hurtful? That thought scares me. I want to protect him yet share our journey with others at the same time.
I dunno…it’s a fine line to walk and I’m letting my feelings on it sink in.

Well…it’s about that time: pumping time! Then a nap! 😉

Send positive milkie vibes my way- hoping I’m not Medela’s slave forever!


27 Replies to “One Week Old”

  1. I can’t believe he’s a week old already! Love those chubby cheeks! As for exclusively pumping, I know all about it. Believe me, you will feel like wonderwoman the first time you successfully go out in public for an entire afternoon, feed your child, and pump when you need to. 😉

  2. The best breastfeeding resource I ever found was The very bottom link on that page is an excellent resource in learning how to latch. My first child I did not have this site and I exclusively pumped for a year. Exclusively pumping is really hard, and I learned one thing from it. You cannot judge your milk supply by a pump. You never pump as much as you would if you fed your baby outright. I think some mother’s use their pump as a gauge to say how much their baby gets when they drink. My second child I followed Jack Newman’s advice on latch to a T and was VERY successful. The first attempts at nursing are always rocky (you both are learning- riding a bike doesn’t look pretty at first, but one gets the hang of it;-) I would encourage you to use the when latching page, have your hubby help you and switch over to nursing as much as you can. He will get more milk nursing than you think:-) You can do it! Of that I am sure!

    1. Thank you!! That would be a dream- get rid of the pump completely. Hoping to work with ECI on this as well. So we will see but I will check that out, thanks! 🙂

  3. most people water mark their pictures with something like “property of….”. you can also disable the ability to copy pictures off a blog but i can’t remember what you need to do to do that.

  4. Ok, me again, so I just was searching breast feeding and saw your post. After looking at a couple other posts you wrote I saw your baby had DS. I highly recommend you check out some books by Dr. Sears (I have The Baby Book by Dr. Sears) I love love his books. Anyways, one of their children was DS and they have a special section in The Baby Book specifically for the challenges that come with nursing. Definitely worth a read. (The book also really helped me realize that you don’t have to have your children cry it out to get into a healthy sleep schedule, and I praise God for that section in the book! My children are great sleepers too:-) Ok enough random info from some stranger in Ohio who loves helping Moms be successful at nursing;-)

    1. No!! I love it, thank you! And I love dr sears! I read his vaccine book. 🙂
      I will look into that. Eli latches great but he doesn’t want to do the work lol he knows the bottle is easier. Smart boy! 😉

    1. PS. “Could the wrong person stumble across them, or my blog and use them to make fun? To be nasty or hurtful? That thought scares me. I want to protect him yet share our journey with others at the same time.”
      Do people do that? I can’t imagine it and with my 500+ friends on FB, a good 50+ are high school kids and as crazy and raunchy as they can get, I’ve never seen them do anything like take a photo and make fun of somebody.

  5. a week already?!! That is FAST! Glad to see you’re both doing so well. Don’t worry, I’m sure the breastfeeding will sort itself out soon enough too.

    Do you have the thing on your blog that protects your pictures? I know a lady in a blog I follow she has this ‘thing’ (don’t know what to call it lol) but it only lets you click to enlarge the pics but doesn’t let you right click on anything, therefore they can’t be stolen or anything. Might be worth looking into if you don’t already? WIsh I knew the name, not much help without it!

  6. OMG…..I am sooooo behind! Just catching up now and can’t believe all of the excitement I have missed. So happy for you and DH! Congratulations and enjoy this special time!

    1. Thank you so much!! You kind of had a lot going on yourself, so no worries!
      Been thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. 🙂 the path is long but so worth it.

  7. I just discovered your blog and I am glad I did! It brings make so many feelings I once had. I’ve been there. I too am very protective of my daughters pics and stuff and I am constantly going back and forth between a private blog or public for those very reasons. I want to share. I want to educate but at the same time I am protective. Here is my blog if you want to check it out. Please leave me a comment if you do! I just want to say everything will be ok and Eli is beautiful. Please feel free to message me. I actually found you through instagram. My new obsession. 🙂 Katie

    1. Instagram, huh!? That’s so cool!
      I just checked out your blog- love it! Would you mind if I put you on my blog roll?
      Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for sharing your journey. 🙂

    2. I was able to see your sweet blog a few days ago and now I cannot see it! Would love to add you to my blog roll if your don’t mind. 🙂 but if you want to stay private I understand as well

  8. He is so perfect, love your new pictures 🙂
    There is a breastfeeding woman who works in Kingwood, I’ve heard she is fantastic and I know of 2 people she really helped with breastfeeding. She works out of a kid resale shop, Merry Go-round. I know it’s a drive, but I’ve heard she can really help with the latching. Oh, and I am so impressed with how much you have done since having him.

    1. Thanks girl! I will look into it. I’ve got a great friend here helping me and ECI coming tomorrow. So after that I will see if we still need help. He’s been nursing more and better each day but still prefers the bottle because it’s easier. The positive- I’ve started to produce more and catch up with what he needs. So that’s a huge step!
      Lol as for the other- I’m a mover. I hate just sitting around. Lol

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