Babies Make People Hermits

Blogging with a new born is hard work! 😉
It’s been a busy last few days. The first day home was surreal and a bit overwhelming. It was so nice to be home and I loved every minute of it, but once the sun went down my sleep deprivation set in.
Whew!! My sweet husband was trying to help, I was so tired and Eli was adjusting to a new place…day 5 was pretty rough as a result.

But today is so much better! We are now on a consistent 3-4 hour feeding/sleep cycle and I am renaming myself Bessie. 😉

Breast feeding is a lot of work, guys! But so so worth it! I am so anxious, though, that I haven’t gotten the right amount of sleep or my supply dropped. Luckily I have awesome friends, hubby and a lactation consultant who had gotten me through it. We are still supplementing but not as much as before. And my supply is getting better.

There is so much to learn! And nearly every part of this has not been the negative experience I expected.
I’ve heard horror stories about breast feeding, but my issues have been caused by lack of knowledge and rest lol
But I am glad that it hasn’t been what I expected- in a good way.

Anyway, I’ve gotten our ECI appointment set up, a good long-term sub in my room, and Eli is on all the waiting lists that have been recommended to me for our county. 🙂 Feeling a bit accomplished if I do say so myself.

So, when I have time, I plan to write about breast feeding and a review about my Moby wrap. When I have time. haha

For now, I am just enjoying our content little man. He is so happy and so peaceful. I think we hit the baby lottery, because I am so so in love! And so so busy! Which means I might not be updating as frequently as I like, but I promise I’m still here!! Just pre-occupied until we really get in the groove of things.
Yay for hermitting! 🙂


6 Replies to “Babies Make People Hermits”

  1. Moooooooo! 😉 Just kidding. (My sister breast fed for something like 6 years straight with 3 kids and I called her Madame. Guernsey.) Very well done hanging in there with the breast feeding. It’s so well worth it for little man.

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