We are home!!!! No more nurses up our butt every 2 minutes!
It took forever to check out and I freaked out that I might lose my milk. Lol I know…I know…
Anyway, we came home and I obsessively nested and got settled. This was made way easier by my awesome mom, who hired maids to clean the house and was anxiously awaiting our arrival.
Lots of awesome friends and family are setting up days to bring meals and we are just trying to adjust to a new life.

I’m currently snuggling my little peanut in our new Moby wrap and watching tv. Heck yes, best ever. 🙂

Ashley updates: Feeling good, less pain today, less swollen and puffy. Carpel tunnel has not gone away. 😦

Eli updates: Left ear showed better response, which indicates possible fluid in his ear. This is great news, so we will follow up in a few weeks. He has his first pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning and we have made contact with ECI and other services. Busy busy!
Clipped Eli’s nails for the first time and tonight he is going to go sleep in his bassinet for the first time. Hehe

Maybe more sleep is in my future? 😀




6 Replies to “HOME!”

  1. My friend had carpal tunnel and it took 6-9 months after birth to get the FULL feeling back, so don’t worry, I think it can take time, but will get better! YAY for ECI, you are on the ball, super mom! Keep up the nursing, that is the BEST gift you can give your little man. I nursed for 19 months-some people may say yikes, but Zach had no teeth until he was like 18 months & didn’t “officially” walk until 22 months-even though he could bear crawl like nobody’s business! And he was not the size of your average 19 month old, I was planning to nurse him 2 full years for his health and even though I have horrendous allergies, he has been tested twice and has none. (I only stopped nursing because I had to get back on allergy meds.) I pat myself on the back that he was so healthy thanks to my breastfeeding! 😉 It is food custom made for your baby that cannot be duplicated by anyone but you, that helps build up immunity! So keep up the good work! And congrats on being home!

    1. Oh wow!! Man I was hoping to get feeling back sooner! 😦 oh well lol
      Yeah we are sticking with the breast feeding. So far so good! It’s so so important to me. 🙂

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