Going Home

Wanted to take a second to say a HUGE thank you to all out family, friends and followers!! We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your love, prayers and support!
It’s been a very busy time, so I apologize if we don’t respond to every text, message, email or phone call. We have tried to keep up with it but this little guy is so loved- hard to respond to them all!
Please know that we appreciate all the comments and love you have showered over us these last few days.
We can’t wait to share this wild journey with you all.

That being said, here are some more fun updates! 🙂

Just had an awesome consult with our lactation specialist. She is amazing!! Spent another 90 or so minutes with us. She loves Eli and really wants him to be successful- it shows!
She was initially thinking he had a weak suck but I insisted that he didn’t. Well, he showed us all how smart and strong he is today! He latched on perfectly several times, fed for the longest he ever has, has learned not to thrust his tongue AND gave the specialist his strongest best suck! She was so excited and I was super proud!
We’ve been practicing but I’m not an expert so I have no idea if what I am doing is right or not.
Thank goodness for my consultant, that’s all I have to say!
So I’m still officially breast feeding. His afternoon feed had zero formula at all. We are continuing to work on actual breast feeding instead of bottle. But it’s getting there. My milk seems to be trying to dry up so I’m fighting it. One moment I feel like there is nothing there, we do some skin to skin and I’m leaking all over! So we still have a lot to learn.

Eli is now enjoying a reward for all his hard work- an afternoon nap with skin to skin on daddy. So sweet!! 🙂

Barry has been so amazing. He’s helped me with embarrassing things that really leave zero mystery in a relationship. He’s gotten up for every feeding, helps with all the diapers and just loves on our precious little man. It’s amazing that he doesn’t see it from my perspective, because he is a great dad already. Instead, he compliments me on my intuition and seemingly “all knowing” touch. Nah…nothing special there. Learning by trying it just like he is. 😉 I already know how frustrated I can get and how hard this is. Today just feels easier because we had more success and more sleep. Hehe

Anyway, today we have had lots of doctor and staff visitors so it’s been more laid back.
Eli had an ultrasound on his kidneys- no update on those results yet.
And he had his third hearing test, which showed improvement in his response on his left ear. Nurse believes he just has some fluid build up. We will retest in a few weeks but I’m happy with that evaluation.

We have appointments galore set up, and loads of stuff to put in the car- not to mention the little things that still need to be purchased since we didn’t plan on his early arrival! Haha
But that’s no big deal, we have awesome family and friends so we will be fine.

Today is discharge day and we are so ready. I’m tired of people coming in to wake me and Eli up. Driving me nuts!! I am running on about 8 hours of sleep stretched over 4 days. Cranky!! But my Eli is teaching me how to handle that mess every day. 🙂

Alrighty, time to shower and get ready to go home. Lots to do and only a few hours until the hospital gives us the boot!


4 Replies to “Going Home”

  1. So proud of all 3 of you. We Love You and want to help when you are ready. Welcome Home baby Eli. Lots of Love from great grandma and great Papa!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love reading how far you have come!! Isn’t it amazing how when they are in your arms nothing else seems to matter? They were made exactly like they were suppose to. Not to say you won’t be hit by the big “bus” again and again but its so much easier!! Beau flunked his hearing test until 3 months after his NICU discharge and finally passed when we got him home. Day by day!! Take lots of pictures and document these first few weeks because you are such sleep deprived you won’t really remember any of it, but I so wish I could have those first few days back!

    1. Thanks girl!! It is pretty surreal but amazing! I’m so glad I started a blog because not only the support but also documenting this journey. It’s amazing and this is just the beginning.

      Yeah, Eli’s left ear had a better response today but still didn’t pass. So we will go back but I’m not too worried. He can hear us and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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