Day 4 {newborn pictures}

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I just realized that we are on day 4 of life and I hadn’t even told you guys that we discovered why Eli had not turned: he had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times!!! He couldn’t turn because he was stuck!! So thankful I didn’t try an external version! Eli coming early was absolutely beyond a doubt a total God thing.

On to the updates. Day 3 was rough which is why I didn’t post. I don’t plan to write about every single day guys- promise. 🙂 but these first few ones are critical in my opinion.
So at the end of day 2 Eli had his circ. He was definitely a different baby when brought back to us. He was fussy and in pain. The first diaper Barry changed brought fear and regret. He looked up at me with frustration- “why did we do this again?!” that was hard… But gradually it got better and today it’s looking really good.
But when he had his circ he was brought back to us with a pacifier.
It threw off everything we had been working on with breast feeding. Night 2 was spent trying to bring him to breast only for him to arch his back and scream in pain. When he did latch it wasn’t very good and he didn’t seem interested. We woke up every 2 hours to feed him and make sure he was changed. To no avail. 😦 he was brought back from his evening bath and we were told that he had lost 8% of his birth weight. If he lost more than 10% they would take him from us and introduce formula.
That made me frantic. I felt I was failing at providing for Eli and I felt they contributed by giving him a pacifier. It was the only thing he would suck on all night.
By 7am, it was time to try feeding again. My pain was being managed finally but I was worn down from lack of real sleep. It was getting down right frustrating and I can see why many moms give up breast feeding. I was scared I would have to.

At his 7am feeding, a nurse came to get him for his hearing screen. I took the time to shower, eat and try to recharge my breast feeding by contacting a lactation consultant. This process took 5 hours…
The nurse came back to let me know that he had not passed his first hearing screen. What? Ok…not sure that day 3 could become any more discouraging for a new mom. :/
She reassured me that it’s normal for even typical babies and especially for c-section babies. Lots of fluid could still be in those ears, so she will retest him tomorrow. This got me clapping and making all kinds of noises by his head to get him to react to something. I know I’m a crazy lady.
Anyway, shortly after that, the doctors came to get him for his echo. So I waited and waited and waited.
No Eli.
Like I said, it took him 5 hours to come back to me. They brought him back with no echo results, a dirty diaper and a darn pacifier. “He’s so fussy!” the nurse said…”well did you change him?”
Anyway, I finally got a lactation consultant in here and she spent a good hour and a half working with me. What a relief!! Because of her support and dedication I’m still breast feeding! I learned to use the pump, to express and how to work on his latch.
Eli’s latch is strong but it’s wrong. He thrusts with his tongue instead of placing it beneath the nipple.
Because of this, we wound up pumping and using a hand feeding method. This method is helping but not fast enough.

We were informed that he had lost more than 10% of his birth weight so that it would be time to start supplementing. :/ which made me more determined than ever to breast feed.
I have been doing skin to skin, and got myself on a pumping schedule.
It hurts, ladies!! Like…not terrible but the boob fairy finally came in and she has been very generous. Lol
So I alternate between pain from my c-section and boob pain. It’s all temporary and totally bare able. Just hard to manage when you have a starving baby and no sleep.

What I will say is that I’m proud because I’m still breast feeding, even if it’s pumping. I think that if we would have been discharged on day 2 after a vaginal birth I would have given up on breast feeding. It’s hard! And even though I waited for 5 hours for help, when it finally came she improved our lives immensely. Eli is getting a full tummy and we are working on his tongue thrust.

Night 3 was so so much better. Barry has been amazing- always there to change diapers, helping to hold him to breast feed (never thought men could be so much a part of that process!)

And here we are at day 4. Better rested and anxious to take our new man home. We will see what the day holds. 🙂
For now, enjoy these pictures taken by the very talented Laura Hollander


9 Replies to “Day 4 {newborn pictures}”

  1. Glad you finally got a lactation specialist. And wow, what cute photos!
    Hang in there. It does get better and much easier. Ask for help from anywhere you can find it, too. Sleeping normally…a thing of the past, IMO. 😉

    1. Haha yeah I hear ya. 😉 had a great feeding session with the consultant today and Eli showed off how smart and strong he is. Now we are napping and it’s so peaceful!
      I will take it while I can!

  2. Oh wow on his cord being wrapped around his neck! Eli knew what he was doing when he decided not to try to turn! As for the circ’ interfering with breastfeed, yep, I know all about that! Same thing happened with our son. 😦 Glad to hear things seem to be back on track for you. He is seriously the cutest!

  3. just a tip, you shouldn’t feel any pain while pumping. if you do, you have it set too high or you need a larger breastshield.

      1. engorgement sucked. my milk came in with rachel the day of my discharge and the day she was transferred to childrens hospital. talk about a mess. i didn’t get to pump for hours and by the time i was able to, they were so engorged, nothing wanted to come out. i had a SAVIOR by the name of martha. the absolute best lactation expert ever. she was truly and angel and helped me through that horrible period.

      2. There are some amazing ones out there. I’m blessed to have one as a friend. 😉 but its still not easy. Hoping to be producing more soon so I’m not stuck at home all the time.

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