Birth Story

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So I know that was a huge shock!! 🙂
Let me tell you how it all went down while my new little man is sleeping away.
Last night Barry and I went out to dinner and a movie. I had a bunch of popcorn and a huge cheeseburger. 🙂 it was a wonderful night out. I came home super puffy from the salt and crashed into bed.
I woke up a few times with some low period like cramps…nothing new. They didn’t hurt and actually made me feel as if I had to pee. So I tinkled a few times and then climbed back in bed.

We woke up bright and early because we had a tour of the hospital scheduled for today. I stayed in bed a bit longer with the cramps still coming. I assumed it was from all the salt I had- clearly I hadn’t had enough water.
I got up to begin my day and went potty yet again. This time when I wiped I saw some blood and a few clots. What the what!?
I told Barry and then called MJ. Period like cramps and spotting. She said to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Well I didn’t think it was that serious. Plus we hadn’t packed our bags or anything…so I showered and shaved and we packed all our stuff. Just took our time.
I let family know and off we went.

I figured we would be admitted and then be sent home for a false alarm. My cramps were coming between 4-5 minutes on our way to the hospital but they didn’t hurt that bad. If I could talk through it there was no way these were the real deal. Plus, my Lamaze instructor told me that the cramps would be high and painful, anything else would be Braxton hicks.

We got to the hospital, checked in and I was brought back to a bed. One nurse asked me a few questions and then had me change into the sexy open backed robe. 😉
Then she put me on a fetal heart monitor and checked my cervix. Eli kicked her and it scared her so bad she left to get another nurse to check me.
That nurse also got kicked during her check and then happily announced that I was at least 6 centimeters dilated but because he was kicking her so much she didn’t want to fool around down there.

Wow!! I was so proud of myself at that point! I was experiencing real labor and my body was doing what it was supposed too. Then I was instantly disappointed because I knew I would only be allowed a c section. But happy I got to experience some of the birthing experience. (Come to find out, the c-section was the smartest move. Eli had his cord wrapped around his neck 3 times- preventing him from turning. It also prevented him from completely calling out foot-first when I went into labor!)

Then the doctors poured in to get consent and explain the procedure.
I had officially checked in at 9:08 am and before 10 I had been briefed and was being wheeled down to the surgical suite. Is this really happening!?

Next, I was moved to a new bed and asked to sit up and prepare for the spinal. This was the part I was most afraid of. The IV had already hurt pretty bad so no telling what this would feel like. But actually, it wasn’t that bad! Just a pinch and some burning. Then my legs felt tingly and warm. That was it! Again, another proud moment, even though I did shed a tear of anxiety.

Next they prepped me, which included a shave, a catheter, and cleaning. It was now a few minutes after 10am. We were just waiting on the doctor. My blue sheet was up and Barry was at my side. Dr. C came in singing. 🙂 he was ready and so were we.
I began to feel a bunch of tugging, pressure and being manhandled. Lol suddenly he announced: “Here he is! He’s beautiful and has dark hair!”

Eli Walker was born at 10:30am weighing 6lbs 15oz, 19.5 inches long!!

I waited to hear his fist cries. They came with gusto! They showed him to me briefly and then grabbed Barry to go get him cleaned up. I remained in the room getting stitched back up and prepped for recovery.

Eli scored a 9 out of 10 twice on his apgar. He was so healthy that no special care was required. They wrapped him up and brought him to me.
We were wheeled off together to recovery which was a huge blessing.
I had started to feel sick to my stomach and dizzy. The time alone in recovery was much needed.
Barry and I snuggled with our new son. Wow….this really happened.
I had about an hour of skin-to-skin and then attempted to nurse.

When I began to feel better I was moved to my private room and family began to pour in.
Eli is so so loved and we are so so blessed!

It’s crazy to think that we had scheduled anything and that I was anxious about the remaining days until his scheduled birth. But true to Eli’s personality, he came on his own time and on his own terms.
It was a complete whirlwind that left little time for anxiety or fear. It just happened so quickly!

The last few hours have been a total blessing. I am glad we knew ahead of time because this has been a celebration! I happy time to relish in his birth instead of confusion and fear.

Eli is nursing like a champ and has had a wet diaper, which means he is getting something! 🙂

I couldn’t be happier…it’s all surreal and exciting. I’m so so in love.

Thank you everyone for your support and for following our journey. Eli is perfect and I look forward to continuing to share our journey with you. The best is yet to come!! 🙂


23 Replies to “Birth Story”

  1. He really is beautiful! I loved reliving every minute with you through your fabulous, amazing story. He came just like God wanted. God’s timing is always best! You are going to be a great mom and Barry is going to be a great dad! I really wish you had had him closer so I could come see this beautiful blessing! I can’t wait to meet him in person! Keep the stories coming and enjoy your time in the hospital. So much for “three more days of work.” God’s timing again is absolutely perfect!

  2. He is beautiful and the best blessing ever! Happy Birthday Eli….you are one lucky little boy. Congratulations mommy and daddy. Enjoy your babe.

  3. Congrats to the Newman family! I am Wes Henry’s Grammy…………and I also am in love with our bundle of joy who arrived days before Eli. What a wonderful journey this has been…..I am blessed beyond measure!

  4. I enjoyed your story. You should turn your stories into a book. There will be a lot of much needed information that will help future parents as they raise a precious little one with Down syndrome. My little angel is 7. I wish I had recorded every moment of trials and tribulations as well as the woo hoos and milestones. Every one of these little angels is different. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Current information is not as freely posted. When I first came home from the hospital and looked on the internet it scared me to death. Then I found out the “facts” were WRONG! I was fortunate to help establish a local support group that grew from 4 families to over 60! Keep up the good work and know you are one of the few fortunate families to be given such a wonderful gift from God!! He only selects special families to receive such a unique child! You will have ups and downs but just know that these little ones reach their milestones in their own time!
    God Bless you and your family and best wishes!

    1. Thank you for you comment! I’ve thought about doing that but I’m not entirely sure. For now I will try to reach people through my blog and see where that takes me. 🙂 I had the same problem you did- no good, real and positive information out there. But Eli is everything good and positive. 😉

  5. He is SOO sweet! Congratulations! Nothing quite like a surprise birthday! I haven’t left a comment before but I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and praying for you guys. We have three…a 4 yr old girl, a 2 yr old boy (extra chromosome champ) and a 3 month old girl. There is nothing like being a mommy. I am so very excited that Eli is here!

  6. Oh my!! When I seen this I was like ‘WHAAAAT’!! Aw I can’t believe he decided to surprise you guys! He is just absolutely perfect, you’re so blessed! And I can’t wait for the now ‘baby updates’ ❤

  7. lol, just like everyone says…. it’s never what you expect and just throw that birth plan out the window. 😉 glad you got to experience some labor stuff and it doesn’t seem like the c-section was as scary as you thought it would be, right? and i bet once you saw him, any of your worries about Ds didn’t even cross your mind. because he is your son, your baby, and that is ALL that matters right now. enjoy him. 🙂

  8. Awe! I leave to go off to a festival and you go off and have your sweet baby! Congratulations! It sounds like it went super smooth too! All your worries and little man decided it all for you. 😉 He’s totally adorable and BIG! You definitely were ALL baby bump!

  9. Ahhh.. this made me cry! I am so happy for you all.
    So much, for the time to prep the house before his arrival, lol. My first did the same thing, came the night before my last work day (3 weeks early). It all sounded like it went great, so glad Eli scored so well on the Apgar and is nursing well. When you guys settle back home, I’d love to meet him 🙂

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