2 Days New

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Second day at the hospital and feeling pretty good!
This morning I had my catheter removed, my pain pump taken out and my IV removed. I felt like a whole new person! Eli pretty much slept through the night and had to be woken up for feedings. So even though I woke up completed tired, I spent all night snuggling with my new man- that’s better than any coffee.

I took it easy most of the day and worked hard to sit/move a bit more. The first time out of bed was rough and having a full bladder is quite painful. But it’s not the worst pain in the world.
Infact, the c-section isn’t that bad as long as you keep up with pain meds Feel crampy and like I did an intense ab workout. But my day nurse took care of that quickly- she only offered me pain meds every 6 hours with Tylenol in between.
As the meds from my pain pump wore out, my uterus contracted from breast feeding, and I moved a bit more, the pain became pretty terrible.
My night nurse let me know that I could take vicodin every 4 hours. What!? Then why am I in pain!? Lol we got it all squared away but that was quite unpleasant.

In reflection about this process, it’s been a very positive one as a whole. Much different than I anticipated and feared. I was worried for nothing.
The spinal was nothing!! Getting an IV put in hurt worse than a spinal.
And standing for the first time was rough too, but nothing compared to going without pain meds!
In fact, standing for the first time was rewarding because it meant I got to get disconnected from all my machines.

Anyway, I’m so proud of myself! I’ve come a long way and done some pretty incredible things in just 2 days! Faced some fears, brought a human being into this world, experienced some labor, and am successfully breast feeding.
Breast feeding was something I wasn’t sure would be successful but he’s a natural! A bit lazy but that hasn’t affected anything yet.

Little man had tons of visitors today. He sure is loved. 🙂
Today he had his little heel pricked and was circumcised. He did well until this evening- now he is fussy and cluster feeding. But we are hanging in there.
Tomorrow he will have his heart echo just to make sure everything is good and another heel prick to confirm Ds.

He has many admirers here on the 5th floor and is well taken care of. Tonight’s mission- avoid cluster feeding and soothe my little man after his pee-pee procedure! Poor guy!!

2 days with my new man- we are so in love!!!


6 Replies to “2 Days New”

  1. I dont know you but feel like I do. You sound like a beautiful couple and I will enjoy reading Eli’s progress, as I do with my friend Kylie’s little boy Felix (all the way across the world). Eli is a gorgeous boy!!

  2. Hi there,
    I just popped in again to see how things were going and what a surprise! Congratulations both of you on Eli’s entrance into the family. it sounds like you are doing great. He is very sweet and God’s perfect gift to you. I’m praying that the days ahead, while perhaps lacking some sleep, may be full of God’s rich enabling and special moments for you all as a family. The last 7 years with our little guy with DS has gone by so quickly. Enjoy him each step of the way!

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