3 More Working Days

I can’t believe I only have 3 more days of work! I’m getting excited to get everything prepared for our new arrival!
I am anxious to get the house cleaned and all of his clothes washed…not sure how well that last part if going to go. I’m afraid of shrinking his things up <—I have a history.

And I have plans to make some cloth diapers! Which is maybe the most exciting thing I will be doing. We just got a brand new Joann's Fabric and it has a special section on cloth diapering and fabrics designed specifically for that purpose. Yes please!

All of this in a very short amount of time. 😉 Since I only have like 17 days until our c-section.

I am just about finished reading Baby Wise and I’m an going to finish up my breast feeding book as well.
Baby Wise Review: the book is a bit repetitive and even confusing. They spend a lot of time discussing various feeding and parenting methods that they believe to be incorrect but spend little time explaining their method. And when they do, it is mixed in with the descriptions of other methods. But if you can get past that, you do gain some valuable information about feeding, breast feeding, and sleep scheduled.
Basically, the book wants you to balance between your own intuition, the clock and baby’s signals. Makes sense to me…didn’t know I needed a book for that lol.
For the first 1-2 weeks, you will be adjusting to a newborn, loosing sleep, and demand-feeding. But gradually you should be able to get your baby on a 2.5-3 hour feeding schedule with maybe 1-2 nighttime feedings.
Feed, spend time awake/playing, nap. This is the pattern they want parents to establish. Makes sense too…at least in theory. Sounds easy on paper but I am sure the real thing is going to be totally different.

My main goal is to establish an actual milk supply (mainly because I am beginning to doubt my “girl’s” abilities in that department), and have Eli sleeping through the night before returning to work. Which would mean we had a schedule, so we will see!

Again, these are all nice theories, but I’m sure Eli will let me know how it’s really going to go. haha

The breastfeeding book…I don’t remember the title right this moment, but it’s a bit boring as well. Mainly because it’s so technical and seems so abstract to me. Nothing is going on with my girls! But I keep reading it because I know I will need the information and support later. Luckily I have friends who are successful breastfeeders and another friend who is a lactation consultant…so I will at least have support.

In other news, my room is ready to go! I met with my substitute and hopefully I have provided enough work for her time here. The kiddos have been so precious these last few days. A lot of them have been making me cards and drawings for the baby. :3 Talk about pulling at the heart strings! I love these guys and I am so sad to be going! But I am glad we planned my leave early- I was not expecting to schedule a c-section so soon! By the time I am on my first day of leave, I will only have 11 days until our c-section.
And me with my bags to pack! 😛

Well, Barry comes home this afternoon, and we have a date night planned for Friday. I think tonight will just be spent catching up and relaxing. Putting my feet up!

Go forth and be productive, Mrs. Newman!! 🙂
Hope everyone has a great week!


7 Replies to “3 More Working Days”

  1. Real quick because I’m supposed to be working…hahahaha A friend of mine is a Doula and just had her 2nd child at home a few days ago, by the way. Anyway, she swears by these cookies for lactating. http://www.cookiesthenmilk.com/ They have a Facebook page too. 😀 (What a great excuse to eat COOKIES!)

  2. The best breastfeeding book I’ve found is called “So that’s what they’re for”. It’s HILARIOUS! So you get all this really good information while laughing your booty off. 😉 And no worries if you aren’t leaking milk yet. It will come! 🙂


  3. If you don’t already follow this blog, it could be worth it.

    She has a facebook page too. Since I’ve not been blessed yet, I don’t have any personal experience on breast feeding, but this lady does for sure, and it’s great. She’s also a doula too and so her blog has tonnes of amazing information!

  4. ugh, don’t know if my other comment sent or not – webpage started going crazy on me.

    Anyway, I wasn’t sure if you had this blog, but it’s definitely worth checking out:


    I’ve not been blessed yet since my miscarriages so I don’t have any personal advice/experience on BF to give, but this lady sure does. She’s also a doula too and cloth diaper’s like yourself and so I think you’ll find some of her resources pretty helpful. She’s funny too!! She has a facebook page too. 🙂

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