Eli {a sneak peek}

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Had a super busy weekend, so pardon the late update.
We went to my MFM doctor on Friday for a check up. Eli is measuring one day off (so instead of being at 34 weeks 2 days, he is measuring 34 weeks 1 day. No big deal). He is in the 47th percentile, so still growing very well. Dr. R did a BPP (biophysical profile) which was really neat. It took only a few moments. He had seen everything he wanted except for practice breathing. So he took a little sound machine that buzzed and made a loud clicking noise and held that to my tummy. I’ve never seen Eli react to noise before (it is something that actually concerned me, but I was told not to worry because most babies react with an increase in heart rate instead of a physical reaction)…but boy did he react!! He started flopping all over the place! We could see his little rib cage expanding and contracting! I was relieved to see the reaction but then concerned that it might have really startled him. lol

He weighs a total of 5lbs 5oz and is *still* breech.
The MFM said that he would give him until about 36 or 37 weeks to flip but that he would be unlikely to do so after that point- not enough space in there.

I go to my OB on Tuesday and I hope he will be as generous as my MFM with allowing Eli some more time to move.
My sister predicts a c-section in my future and I an leaning towards her thought…unfortunately. 😦

Not happy about that but I feel helpless like I don’t have a choice. We are so late in the pregnancy and I don’t want a different doctor- I love Dr. C! Even if I did go searching, finding a doctor that will take me this late and do aversion or breech birth is highly unlikely.

Feeling a bit defeated but still trying to send positive vibes to my little man. Maybe that will get him to flip.

In other news, enjoy these new 4D pictures of our handsome man- isn’t he precious?! And this video Barry took. I am so happy with the way these turned out- last time was a bit disappointing because his hands were making it difficult to see his face. Plus, I just don’t think they looked that great. But these are so nice! You can really see him now, and I don’t know if it’s because he is bigger or what but I will take it! It’s a sweet sneak peek to tide us over until he gets here.

I can’t wait to see his sweet face in person! 5 more weeks!

{Oh, and this video that Barry took…I think the video does more to show the full effect of how he will look when he gets here}


15 Replies to “Eli {a sneak peek}”

  1. He’s so cute! Love those precious little lips! My little man is breech right now too (at 28 weeks) so I’ll send us both some “flip head-down for mommy please” dust. 😉

  2. Like I said I can’t decide does he look like Nona or more like Nona!!!! I’m so excited – I can hardly wait to see my first Grand baby!!!! What a blessing he is to this family!!!!
    Love you all

  3. So sweet! I love the video. Okay, so I know you Google, but here’s a link you might look at and maybe you know all this already… http://pregnancy.about.com/od/breechbabies/a/breechbabies.htm
    A couple of the techniques were funny. 😆
    It’ll be okay if you have to have a section. When they’re planned and not an emergency, it’s much easier to deal with physically. Don’t take it as a loss. Whatever it takes is okay since your baby boy’s health and safety are #1 priority.

  4. This worked for me to flip my breech daughter. My doctor said to lay on the floor, skooch up and put my bottom up on the couch. I laid there semi-upside down for a while and all of a sudden this big gurgling churning occured and she flipped! It was amazing! Give it a try! Blessings!

  5. My first baby was breech till about 36 weeks. I played music, classical and soft, verylow down by my pubic bone after drinking some oj. I would also do what they call the “elephant walk”. Don’t know of it helped or if he was just going to do it ob his own, but he flipped! Harmless as worth a shot! Good luck!

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