Yesterday at work during one of my 4th grade classes I witnessed kids picking on another kid for his differences. Now, don’t get me wrong, I see this kind of stuff all the time. Kids can be mean, but most of the time its simple stuff…like a disagreement, or someone won’t be friends with someone else for no good reason. Or someone told their secret…silly stuff.

But this is different. He has aspergers and the kids have singled him out. It’s been going on all year and these kiddos have been giving him a hard time.
Yesterday was kind of my breaking point.
The student had been working when another student at his table walked up to me “Mrs. Newman, he said a bad word”,
Me: “What bad word did he say”
Student: “Pedo”.
Me: “That’s not a word…”
Student: “Yes it is! It’s short for pedophile”.
The accused student spoke up- “I didn’t say that! I said ‘pedo-bear'”.
Me: “ok…also not a word…”

Silliness! Just trying to find something to pick on him for!
Later, the student had finished his artwork and I let him go to anchor stations. A few minutes later another student walked up with this student’s artwork. “Mrs. Newman, he thinks he is done with his artwork”. Why are you even touching his artwork? More or less questioning if he is done or not? Are you finished? ugh!!! I had just had it!! It was such a silly little thing but it’s been nit-picky stuff like thuis all year long!!

Ugh…then this morning during one of my 3rd grade classes, another kid got called the r-word. Seriously, Lord?! I hear you…I do.
I felt challenged to say something since I haven’t said anything to my kids yet.

So this morning I did it. I sat two classes down and discussed our differences. I told them all about down syndrome and how Eli would be different from others but the same- just like all of us are different from each other. How it hurts my heart to see other children being picked on when I know my son has the potential to be singled out like that.
When I was done, with a bit of mist in my eyes, one of my kids raised his hand and goes, “I don’t understand how Eli will be different. It sounds like he will be the same.”
That’s because he won’t be any more different than anyone else. 🙂

In other news, I had my acupuncture yesterday and a pedicure. That would be what I needed to make it to the end of the school year without maternity leave…both of those every day. lol
During my acupuncture treatment, Eli was moving and grooving all over the place. He’s almost always active but his reaction to the treatment was hilarious. Fingers crossed!!
I got a moxa stick which I will try tonight or tomorrow…so we will see.

My appointment with my MFM doctor got moved up to tomorrow, which means I have to take a half day and we have less days to try to get him to flip. 😦 But we get to see our little man a few days sooner!

*sigh* Ok…I’m ready for the rest of today, whatever that brings!!
It’s only 9:20 and I’ve already had a day! Whew!


8 Replies to “Confession”

  1. Kudos to you for being a teacher. Wow. I just can’t imagine. My younger sister taught 4th grade for a while and now teaches in middle school in a mostly “illegal immigrant” school.
    You, like her, seem to have the patience of Job.

    My youngest gets picked on for being smart or pretty or a dancer… Unfortunately, too many adults are critical socially and it’s rubbing off on kids, IMO. Good manners are hard to come by.

    By the way, I will be homeschooling my 11 year old, starting in the fall. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a teacher “jokingly” criticizing her for being so smart.

    And my daughter, by the way, is the one who is friends with the only DS child at her school, who is sure to tell her goodbye before she leaves each day, who treats her with respect and care and like the sweet girl that she is.

    Summation: Mean People Suck.

    1. Thanks, girl! There is so much wrong with the system these days and I wish kiddos had more positive influences in their lives. I’m definitely not going to say that I would be confident in my abilities as a teacher if I chose homeschooling but I can see why so many more are going down that path.
      It’s rough out there and basic manners and social skills can go a long way!
      It’s sad that your daught got picked on, but it just goes to show- our kids are picked on for all different reasons and like you said, mean people suck. lol

  2. How was the accupuncture? I have always wanted to try it but was worried it was painful. Hope it helps! Kids start out so young with the bullying…its really sad to see. They were talking about it on my morning radio show in Atlanta this morning–apparently a new documentary movie is coming out called “Bully” that details different scenarios in which kids are getting bullied and how bad a problem it is. Sounds like you sitting down and talking with your kids was an awesome thing to do….preparing them to be better students in the future and gain empathy for others. Praying for you that Eli turns! 🙂

    Due with my 2nd May 31st

    1. Thanks for commenting!! 🙂
      Acupuncture is amazing- take it from someone who has a needle phobia! It doesn’t hurt and I always leave feeling peaceful and relaxed. You should check it out! 🙂

      As for bullying, it is so so unfortunate. I wish more people saw that it is such a huge problem. Thankfully I work with little ones so I don’t think much about cyber bullying, but I can’t even imagine what high school would have been like for me if facebook or other social medias had been around when I was going to school. Awful! People can be so mean and it scares me for my son. 🙂

      Best of luck in your pregnancy! May is a good month 😉

  3. So I told you earlier about my son Jason. He’s 19 now, but this reminded me of a story from when he was in 4th grade. His class was in P.E. (probably along with other classes from his grade). There was a new boy in his grade that year, so he’d only known Jason a few months. On this day, he started making comments about Jason and generally being mean and hurtful. One of them was that Jason was “stupid”. Apparently, all of the other kids immediately rallied around Jason and said things like “he’s not stupid!” and “don’t talk about him like that because he’s our friend!”. The PE teacher said she felt she had to jump in the middle quickly because all of the kids were really upset and angry with the boy who’d made the comments. She couldn’t wait to call and tell me; she was so proud of what the kids had done.

    You’re right. Kids will be mean sometimes. But there will be a lot more of the good stories than the bad. And you’ll be so proud to know that Eli has made friends who will like him just the way he is and care about him enough to stick up for him!

    1. Oh my gosh!! What an incredible story! How very sweet! 🙂 I hope to foster that kind of relationship with my Eli and his peers. That would be wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sweetie, pedo-bear is from 4chan…which makes me think student’s parents need to get better internet safety locks.

    1. haha that’s good to know!! I’m not hip with the cool cartoons anymore, but it was from a 4th grader…and it’s still not a word. Just a character…or whatever it is. lol Either way, the other kid didn’t know what it was either and was trying to get him in trouble. 😛 Silliness!!

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