Loved You For a Thousand Years

I’ve been reading a lot lately and soaking in the tub. Wish I had been doing both of these relaxing activities prior to becoming pregnant. 🙂
Anyway, I just finished Heaven is For Real and loved it. Very simple- took me one evening to read. And a simple message as well: Heaven is real! What an awesome concept…but what does that mean? It was stated so simply by a 3 year-old…and doesn’t God call us to have that kind of child-like faith?
The depictions of heaven and the testimony of this child were amazing, but the thing that resonated with me the most was that he got to meet his unborn sister.
You see, his parents had a miscarriage between his sister and him. Since he was so young they never said anything to him about it, not to mention that the pregnancy ended before they even knew the gender or much about the pregnancy.
In heaven, he met his sister…a girl. They were pregnant with a baby girl. And in heaven she didn’t have a name because her parents had not named her yet.

When I think about heaven it seems like such an abstract concept. I can only wrap my mind around it for a while before I just push it away and continue to live in the world that I know.
But this stuck with me.

My husband and I used to consider our miscarriage in 2010 our only loss, but this book really got me thinking. What about our embryos? All of those conceptions happened, even if outside my body. How ironic would that be? To have so many struggles and difficulties with having a family only to get to heaven and have our own Duggar ranch! I’m not sure how I feel about it all yet, but one thing I will say is this: We have precious little ones waiting for us that I cannot wait to meet.

Ok, I’m done with my deep thoughts for now. That’s a lot to process before 8am!

Last night was our second Lamaze class. We are half-way through! It went pretty well. We tried a bunch of labor positions and she gave us tips on how tro encourage one another. The class seems to be opening up a bit but still reserved. We watched another brith, which was anxiety inducing…again…and then Barry and I went home and crashed.
Today is my acupuncture appointment and I’m hoping for some relief for my hand. It takes me forever to type anything because I can’t feel my fingers.

In other less deep thoughts, yet equally moving, I’ve had a lot of encounters with songs that bring me to tears. Two specifically:

They both describe how I feel about my little Eli, just growing and kicking away. My precious son, our gift and joy. 🙂

“No, this child will be able…this child will be gifted”. I believe. 🙂

I will leave you with that. Hope it makes you smile. 🙂


2 Replies to “Loved You For a Thousand Years”

  1. I read Heaven is for Real a year ago maybe…..and I have to say that the same part resonated with me as well. It gave me a sense of peace in knowing that they are really up there, and ok. (my babies) etc….and it just reconfirmed what I already believed I guess. Great book…unfortunate that so many people want to challenge the story and whether or not it’s true or not etc.

    1. Isn’t that sad? There is so much to be negative and disbelieving about out there…it’s their right to question but I for one needed that simple reminder. My babies are safe and waiting for me. Simply amazing and if someone who has never suffered that kind of loss wants to dispute, well then I say they are missing out.

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