34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

How big is Eli? About the size of a large cantaloupe, 19-22 inches and 5.5lbs <–all estimates, since I haven't had an ultrasound in about 4 weeks.

Health of Eli? Still rolling and stretching 🙂 I honestly can’t tell if he is breech anymore, although it does feel the same. We will see what the acupuncturist says tomorrow.

Health of Momma? Feeling really well! I’m tired and swollen, but that’s nothing new. My wrists are a huge problem- I can’t feel the fingers on my right hand most of the time but there is nothing I can really do.
Eli has taken to being in my rib cage as of late. I wake up with numb hands/arms and bruised ribs. Joy!! 🙂

Weight gain? 25lbs total- I lost a pound! lol

Maternity clothes update? No update here. If I could wear yoga pants all day I would.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good!

Sleep? Sleep is the same. Numb arms/hands and now with Eli in my ribs and pushing on my stomach, sleep is not really happening.

Best moment this week? Being 34 weeks and getting my strep B test completed. One more step closer to meeting our little man! 🙂

Labor signs? No labor signs

Belly button in or out? Belly button is definitely out! lol

What I miss? My wedding rings 😦 I really miss wearing them!

What I am looking forward to? My last day at work! Finally got a lot of that sorted out and although it is scary to leave my kiddos and see how my paychecks are going to be effected, I am excited to have time to prepare. To get ready to meet Eli, finish reading some books, craft even!! It will be a good time. 🙂

Weekly wisdom? Two things- read read read!! I’ve really benefited from reading breastfeeding books, birthing books and Ds books. It has helped me feel better prepared to be a momma. 🙂 Second- don’t listen to anyone and their birth story! I didn’t realize how strongly women feel about their opinons on birth…it’s like talking politics or religion! Not a good topic. :/ I got called a psycho for stating that an episiotomy is not medically necessary and that I would rather not have a c-section. According to some people, c-sections are better, less painful and easy because you know the date your baby will be born. Also, we *need* doctors to birth normal healthy babies in normal situations. :/ note to self- keep these lips zipped up tight! The lack of confidence in our bodies and the birthing process is so frustrating and sad.

Milestones? Strep B test complete!

Fears? A bit anxious about my ultrasound with my MFM next week. I always worry that Eli isn’t growing at a normal rate, or that he will fall behind in growth. OR that he will find something really wrong. I know, silly…Anyway, I’m anxious about the appointment but I am sure it will be just fine. I am hoping that we will be able to begin developing a birthing plan at that point, since we will know more about Eli’s position and looking ahead.

So I guess that’s the update! Not too much going on…besides the battle of birthing stories. LOL Oh well.
I am now working feverishly on lesson plans for my kiddos, getting artwork hung in the hallways and preparing my self for maternity leave. Barry is worried I will be bored but I am nearly positive I will find *something* to do! I’m just worried about the financial implications… darn you monies!!

Hope everyone is having a good week- I feel as if my brain is fried right now- overload of responsibilities and impending tasks! lol


10 Replies to “34 Weeks”

  1. I know you said talking birth stories is like talking politics…but…but…I’ve had 1 home birth (on purpose), 1 emergency c-section under general anesthesia after my placenta abrupted @ 1 month early & the last at age 34.99 induced vaginal delivery in a hospital birthing center w/epidural (because my OB/Gyn was taking her child to Disney 2 days later). I can talk birthing babies from all angles! 😉
    Now, can we talk vaccines and NOT doing them? (ducks and covers)
    Lovely photo!

    1. hehe see, I respect that though because you have had all difference experiences and you aren’t calling me crazy for being educated. That’s it. I don’t have an idea of what birthing means because I’ve never done it before,. But I’m trying to learn!
      As for vaccines, the jury is still out. We believe that some are important but not others. So we will see. Hubby still needs to weigh in after he finished the book. 😉

      1. My only issue with shooting these substances into newborns is just that, shooting these foreign substances into newborns. Please read up on alternatives to vaccines and which you would need or want and under what circumstances specifically. You obviously don’t have the “herd mentality” so stay alert on this subject as well. My girls are now 18, 17 & 11 and have had NO major illnesses. In fact, they rarely even get a cold! I’m looking at the stats for things like autism and adhd and all these things rising significantly when we’ve got all these “precautions” we take (like vaccines) and I’m just not seeing the payoff. Does your baby need hepatitis vaccine right after birth? When his immune system is just starting to function? My c-section baby (now 17) was in NICU for 2 whole weeks and I refused any vaccines and they posted this huge poster sign in black marker on her crib “MOTHER REFUSES VACCINES!” Here’s my child fighting for her life, on a ventilator, etc. and I’m just going to go with the flow chart/schedule and let you add these “toxins” to her system? NO!
        Obviously I’m passionate about the subject… LoL
        http://www.nvic.org/ Please read info on this website about why or why not and what’s legal or not, etc.

      2. I totally understand and hep B was the first vaccine we pretty much said, “what?!” to. Unless Eli plans to get a tattoo at birth, become sexually active or somehow I contract the disease, he is fine. Then there is chickenpox, which we all god as children and never suffered any ill effects.
        So it’s stuff like that. Not to mention thinking about spacing them out so that you can still prevent illness…and thinking about the immune system of those with Ds. So there are factors but ultimately we just want to be informed and make the decision we feel is best. 🙂
        I will definitely check out that site, thanks for the info!

      3. PS. There is no crime in waiting until MUCH later either. In other words, just say NO until you feel completely comfortable in saying yes. And please don’t rely on the vaccine manufacturers’ literature to make an informed decision. (I’ll shut up now)

  2. Glad to see your doing well. You look great! You still look slim, and like you’ve just shoved a beach ball under your dress!

    Ignore all those women about the birth stories. I actually agree with you on your views, and that there isn’t much medical intervention needed. People can just be so set in their ways and their views that the think they’re right, and everyone else is crazy and wrong. I hate those like that, and they’re better off just being ignored. They’re all ignorant to the wonder of birth after all if they think you’re crazy for what you believe!

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