Lamaze Classes

We attended our first Lamaze class last night and I loved it! The teacher was very knowledgable and the techniques were right in line with our thinking. I’ve been reading this book: and the class just reinforced what it is saying. This book is amazing because it talks about all the medical interventions that are possible, how to avoid them or what alternatives might be. It also weighs the risks and benfits of certain procedures/interventions. I love the approach and the fact that it covers all medical options.
Our instructor spoke a lot about building our confidence to birth our babies and is working to empower the class to know what their options are. Me likey.
Yesterday was mainly an introduction and then a few basics: what is a doula? what are some simple pain management techniques? what does the pregnant anatomy look like?
The other couples were very quite and awkward. I think Barry and I spoke the entire time and answered all the questions. Maybe because we actually knew the answers? Or everyone is just that embarrassed about their bodies…who knows?
The teacher had us do a few deep breathing techniques and then had hubbies try on the pregnancy suit. 🙂 That was my favorite part. Isn’t he just handsome? Barry had a hard time moving around, bending over and even sitting. It also has a component on the inside that restricts breathing. It weighs a total of 35lbs and made me immensly happy.

Next we watched a live birth, similiar to one we had already seen on The Business of Being Born. It was really neat but a bit overwhelming. Not because anything the birthing mother did- simply my own anixety about birthing. The last time I saw anything like that we were trying to get pregnant. Now that I actually am, it was a different experience. To complicate it, the teacher next had us hold a handful of crushed ice for a full minute to simulate what a contraction would be like. If you have ever held ice in your hand for a long time it can be painful but not terrible. The thing that made it terrible was my own anxiety. I was tapping my foot and clenching my eyes closed tightly by the time the minute was up. Knowing that I could end the pain by releasing the ice made the anxiety high, but also thinking about what a contraction might feel like got me worked up. lol I know, I know…silly, huh? So fearful of the unknown.
I know my body was made for this and I know I can do it! {If Eli would flip, darnit!!} And I *want* do to this. So it was a nice exposure and practice.
We learned the difference between practice labor and real labor and then she gave Barry homework- a back massage.

It was a busy evening for sure, but so so worth it. I really enjoyed the techniques and the all natural approach. We have 3 more classes and then we will be graduated. 😉
Hope that means we are ready for our little man!!

Oh! One more picture- This is a picture from my baby shower at work on Friday. My awesome awesome team 🙂


4 Replies to “Lamaze Classes”

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon the link to your blog when I noticed you had looked at mine! Just wanted to say Congratulations on your pregnancy! Eli is going to change your lives and make them immeasurably better than you ever could have dreamed! Our little man Felix (18 months with DS) is the light of our lives…he has taught us to look at the world with wonder and has brought us so much love. I will be thinking of you over the coming weeks as you look forward to meeting your precious little man x x x

    1. Thanks for checking us out! I enjoyed your blog- I’m always looking for more families so I can get a sneak peek at our future 😉 it looks bright and promising!! Can’t wait for everyone to “meet” little Eli.

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