33 Weeks

How far along? 33 weeks

How big is Eli? About the size of a head of a pineapple, 19-22 inches and 4.9lbs

Health of Eli? Eli is doing great! I have decided he is more of a “roller”. His movements are mostly rolls, slides and repositioning mixed in with a few kicks, punches and stretching.

Health of Momma? I’m doing pretty well. I feel like I am in the “home stretch”. I am still dealing with swelling issues, but I have good days and bad. A new symptom: carpel tunel. I’ve had it for about 1.5-2 weeks now I think. Mostly in the morning and mostly in my right hand. I talked to Dr. C about it yesterday and he said it’s perfectly normal. Not much I can do about it, so it is what it is!
Still have a head cold. Dr. C gave me antibiotics but I haven’t taken them yet…mainly because I am actually feeling better today, so maybe this is just allergies??
Also, Eli has become big enough that he is now pushing on my ribs and tummy. It’s more uncomfortable than anything else, so it’s not too bad.
Besides those symptoms, I’m feeling pretty darn good! 🙂

Weight gain? 26lbs total

Maternity clothes update? No update here. If I could wear yoga pants all day I would.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good!

Sleep? Sleep is the same. Some nights are better than others. Sleeping on my side is difficult because of my carpel tunel. If I stay on one side for too long, my whole arm goes numb. So I’m constantly waking up to reposition. Also, I have a head cold, which makes it difficult to breathe.
Best moment this week? Finding a glider for the nursery for cheap!!

Labor signs? No labor signs

Belly button in or out? Belly button is definitely out! lol

What I miss? Being well. I feel like I have been sick a lot during this pregnancy and I’m ready to be able to take the good drugs to get rid of sickness. haha

What I am looking forward to? Birthing classes start tonight!

Weekly wisdom? Knowing when to call it quits. I’m going to officially pick my last day at work and begin preparing my room/lesson plans for a long-term sub. I’m sad to leave my kiddos but I need some time to prepare for our little man.

Milestones? I am now seeing Dr. C weekly!

Fears? Worried that Eli won’t flip and that I will have to have a c-section. It sounds silly, because at the end of the day all I want is a healthy baby, but still…a c-section is major surgery and it does scare me. Please flip little man!!!

So that’s the update for today!! 🙂 Trucking along and feeling very good! I had an especially good laugh this morning when I checked my e-mail and got this from a co-worker: Bad Day. If you need a pick-me-up, check this out. It will make you laugh at the very least. 😉

Hoping I will get a sneak peek at my shower pictures soon. And of course I will update about our birthing classes afterwards.
Hope everyone is having a great week!!


10 Replies to “33 Weeks”

  1. my advice…sleep in a recliner or reclined on a couch. i spent almost all of my pregnancy with rachel there and the last month with charlie. i’ve never had a natural birth so i can’t compare, but a planned c-section is boring and easy. you hurt for a bit afterwards but as long as you get up and moving, it gets better pretty quickly. i used “heavy” meds after rachel and charlie’s birth for only 4 days.

  2. Too bad it’s harder to find an OB that does breech births because it is possible and not OMGSCARYYOUAREGONNAKILLYOURBABY! 😛

    1. I know!! It’s so disappointing. 😦 I keep reading about it in the book you lent me and I really want that, but it’s been difficult to find anyone- plus someone who will take me on so late with all my issues. :/

    1. Oh and you cant take good meds for a long while if you can avoid them–you’ll be nursing probably right? All in good time and yes, soon you can do & eat lots more!

      1. when i had my daughter, the doctors told me it was safe to take my pain meds and still pump breast milk for my daughter.

    2. We shall see!! I see my acupuncturist on Wednesday and my MFM a week from Monday so we will know more about his position then. Although it does feel the same right now. :/

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