32 Weeks

Hello 32 weeks!! The hubs is out of town so no new pictures today. I will update later this week. 🙂

I just got off the phone with my doctor’s PA, I love her so much!! I can’t believe the friendships I have developed as a result of our journey to becoming parents. God has such awesome plans!

Anyway, I got to run a few things by her.
-Dr. C won’t do a version should Eli stay breech.
-Dr. C doesn’t do VBAC’s if I wind up with a c-section.
-There are lots of methods to try to flip him before 36 weeks but the general consensus is that he won’t budge after that (still not willing to give up though).
-My new symptom of swollen fingers, arthritic joints and numbness is normal even if painful and annoying. (Stop worrying, Mom hehe)
-My fears of Eli “not responding” to loud noises are unfounded. All babies respond differently.
-My uterus is supposed to shrink back to its original size by 6 weeks postpartum!!! What the what?!

-MJ believes that it’s worth it to look into why 3 of the 4 women I work with have had some kind of difficulty or abnormality with their pregnancy. Did I not mention that? Yeah…my first pregnancy was anencephaly, my second is Ds. 2 other teachers hired at the same time last year (after the building remodel) are having issues now as well. One teacher lost her first pregnancy at 6 weeks for unknown reasons, now her second is in the hospital with unexplained brain injuries (story can be found at: thepaulfamilyjourney.blogspot.com).
The second teacher just lost her pregnancy at 22 weeks after all testing revealed severe deformities but no known chromosomal abnormalities.
A bit scary to consider that it’s just a strange coincidence…I don’t know. I mean, lots of teachers had their babies while at my school and 3 just had perfectly healthy babies last year.
I’m not sure what could even be done but MJ said, “don’t drink the water”. Lol

She also doesn’t believe that our first loss had much to do with MTHFR. I think it’s hard for me to agree with that because it’s easier to believe that’s what caused our loss.
The research overwhelmingly points to a link between pregnancy loss and MTHFR. Also, there seems to be zero links between Ds and any one factor.
I don’t know anymore. It doesn’t seem worth investigating except for when you consider the future of our family.

But I’ve covered that topic only a billion times. Lol
Anyway, it was nice to just visit with her. 🙂 I’m so lucky to have such great support with my OB and his office.

On another note, I think I’ve officially decided to take my maternity leave at 36 weeks. I’m not 100% sure yet but I think this will be an appropriate time. I am tired but I love my job so much! I want to do a good job at it and be my best for my kiddos. So we will see what happens. I’m going to discuss this with Dr. C next week and see what he thinks.

What else? Oh my birthday was a success!! It was a beautiful day and we ate in the park. Couldn’t ask for more. 🙂 really loved spending time with family and friends.
Now I’m most looking forward to my baby shower on Saturday! My mom is working super hard on it and I know its going to be wonderful!
My love language is gifts- it could literally be anything wrapped up and I would get excited. Hehe. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came home on Monday and saw some packages at my door. Eli is so so loved already and we are so blessed!

Speaking of the little guy, he’s been kicking up a storm tonight! He even hurt me a few times…guess I got what I was asking for after all. Lol

I guess that’s about it for now. Hope you are all having a great week! Thanks for reading!


4 Replies to “32 Weeks”

  1. I’m one of your medhelp friends that got pregnant around the same time as you (soccermom2b). At my 32 week check-up they told me my baby is breech as well. I’ve been doing some of the exercises they recommended but I will not find out if they worked until the 34 week check. I have not yet made it to the gym pool to try standing on my hands yet because it’s been raining like crazy lately. My midwife mentioned trying moxibustion which has a 70% success rate of flipping babies. She recommended trying it at 34 weeks if baby is still breech. I will pray both of our babies get in the right position for a natural birth!

    1. Hey girl!!! 🙂 Thanks for checking out my site! 🙂
      I’m sorry your little one is breech as well, but hopefully both our babies will flip! I’ve heard of moxibustion- if you try it let me know what you think. I’m doing everything else and I’m going to talk to my acupuncturist so we will see.

  2. Hey sweetie! Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Zachary, my oldest was born with DS, in 97, I then lost baby #2 in Feb. 2003 at 8 weeks (sonogram showed baby stopped growing at 6 weeks) & lost baby #3 in August 2003 (fetus stopped growing at 5 weeks). I refused to do D&C until I was 8 weeks just in case. 😦 My son with DS was from my 1st marriage, so I had convinced myself it was me! Everyone knows the majority of miscarriages is chromosomal abnormalities! I had 3 in a row! So I went to Dallas to have genetic testing because I was not going to keep doing this to myself. And turns out, I am completely 100% ok. No random genes or anything. That’s when I learned the type of DS Zach has is not inherited or caused by taking hot baths the 1st trimester! (a concern of mine!) Although there is another kind that is inherited. Can’t think of it now. If I had only known how to read his amino results, I would have seen the trisomy on #21. Anyway, long story longer…I had another baby boy in Nov. 2004 who was perfectly healthy. The doctors (from my OB to my genetic counselor) said you have no idea how common it is for a woman to have a miscarriage. Some women do & never even know because they just think they had a heavy period. Anyway, I have read & been told somehow it was the sperm or the egg & it was there from the moment he was conceived, nothing I did caused it & that gave me solace. But if I had done something, inmight just do it again because he is my world. I love being his mommy. I’m blessed beyond measure God entrusted him to me. Just like you & Eli. Praying he turns for you. I’d be freaking too, cause that’s just me. But giving birth naturally (with drugs I mean! I’m not crazy!) was so very important to me. I hope you get that experience as well, but if not, God’s plans are always better than ours!

    1. Thank you for chiming in, Amy! 🙂
      I’ve had all the testing done as well, because of our first miscarriage. Plus it’s just routine when it comes to IVF, so we have no genetic issues that we are aware of- my husband or myself.
      And you are right- there is absolutely nothing anyone does to cause Ds. Eli had Ds when he was that microscopic embryo outside of my body before they even gave him back to me. So I’m not worried I did something to cause this. 😉

      What I will say is that I look forward to the day that I can say the same about my son. I am so anxious to know him more and hold him in my arms!! However that happens. 🙂

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