30 weeks 2 days

Thought: All my pregnant friends on facebook are pregnant one day and then posting pictures of their baby the next. Can’t my baby magically arrive like their’s do?

TO DO: Flip That Bebe

Barry just got home from a prayer meeting and he is pouting. He has this awesome vision of God moving in our area and really wants to put together a group of people that prayer walk for a revival in our city. He networked with a bunch of people and family but no one showed up. He’s pretty bummed about it and so now he is pouty.
Not to mention this has been his week off from all work and instead he has been taking work phone calls, running up to work and answering emails/texts. (Plus all my stuff like running around and doctors appointments. lol)

Tomorrow is his day. I’ve decided. 🙂 So he is going to be lazy, I’m going to grocery shop and that is that. Nothing else planned.

Today we were super busy. We visited 3 day cares to try to get a feel for what’s in our area. My mom helped me come up with some questions and my SIL made some suggestions on things to look for. VERY helpful!

Day Care #1:
PROS: They were nice, showed us their lesson plans and we got to meet the teacher. They are pro-cloth diapering and had flexible rates/part time options.

CONS: smelled kind of weird, which was a red flag. They didn’t take us to any other rooms (kitchen, restroom, or rooms for older kids), and they had a high teacher to kid ratio (1:7).

Day Care #2
PROS: very strong Christian background, family-owned and operated, very clean, showed us how to look up the Texas rating system and showed us their rating, showed every room in the day care, friendly (felt comfortable with them), pro cloth diapering, least expensive, teacher to kid ratio was small (1:4).

CONS: a bit out of the way but not too bad, maybe a little too honest?

Day Care #3
PROS: everything!! This place was wonderful, had high expectations, amazing lesson plans, clean, beautiful, great teacher to kid ratios (1:4), showed us everything, most like a school…cannot say enough wonderful things about this place!!

CONS: so expensive it’s sickening…

After running that marathon, we felt very comfortable with the second day care but were interested in other options. It’s expensive any route you go (averaging from $800-$1,200 a month) and the thought of that was a bit overwhelming.
Part of me wishes I could stay at home with him but it’s just not possible (especially if we would like more kiddos, IVF isn’t cheap!!). Plus I know I will be a better mom because of it! I can work at my awesome job and have a family. 🙂

So the other options? Nanny, at-home day care, friends and family. Awesome. :/ Nannies and *good* at-home day cares are just as expensive if not more than traditional day care. Some making about $15 an hour all the way up to $20-25 an hour.
Family…well, that’s just a lot to ask someone to do. My mom joked that if the day care options weren’t good enough, she wouldn’t allow anyone else to have Eli except her. 😉 And my MIL honestly wants to help with him, so we do have that.
Even more amazing? A good friend is offering to watch him for a small fee! God is so good! So maybe between family and my friend we could work something out.
This is all assuming that I am even going to be ok with giving him up in August LOL watch out, guys!! I see tears in my future for sure!

After that bit of financial anxiety, we dashed over to a pediatrician that came highly recommended from our DS support group. And I can see why! She is wonderful! All-natural, believes in home-birth and the least amount of medical intervention possible. She also gave us her personal cell phone number and email as a means to contact her! She was personable, excited for us and anxious to meet Eli.
The down-side to using her is that she does not like to use hospitals at all unless truly medically necessary AND if she uses a hospital it’s Texas Children’s in the medical center because if it’s bad enough to need a hospital, that’s the only one she trusts. Also, she is currently undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. :/
So we have one more appointment with another pediatrician and we will go from there. Barry instantly liked this newest one and wants to stop looking. I’d like one more option.

After that (yeah, there’s more- see why Barry is pouty?) we ran across town to meet a new family! I met them through my blog (YAY!) and she invited us into her home to meet her son. I’m SO SO SO glad we went! It really put my mind at ease to meet such a typical family! Her precious son was adorable! When I look at their life, that is how I envision our life. He was just a typical little boy who loved hanging on his mom and playing with his brothers. And hopefully we can continue to network with them and get Barry involved with some other dads. So even though he is pouty now, it’s just because he is tired from me running him around. lol It was all worth it and we got a lot done today.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing stuff around the house and making ribs for dinner- yumo!

I haven’t had the opportunity to do my 30 week update, so I will leave you with these amazing photos instead! Thank you to my beautiful friend, Laura Hollander, for doing these pictures! I can’t wait to get them printed out!

Eli- we are waiting for you!

Laura Hollander Photography


5 Replies to “30 weeks 2 days”

  1. Our area has walking groups as part of a vitality city program. It changes lives and is used in Japan was it? Try googling beach cities health district vitality city. It might be the prayer aspect – get someone walking & life will change regardless of religion. People might not see his vision so have him explain it a tiny bit more and in an approachable way. It will happen, it’s happening here already.

    Clean and low ratios of kids & very to most important along with consistent & similar guidelines on discipline & inspiring creativity! Looks for evidence of LOVE. Dont worry about cost as much, the first few months you will pay any money you can for excellent care. Rates sometimes go down as they get older. You want either a baby dedicated room or essentially no other babies besides yours maybe. Few young toddlers & babies if it’s mixed ages. Ask that pediatrician for local day care ideas!!!?!

    You will also want your child at the best hospital without a doubt, it’s not worth the risk of infection alone. Odds are you will go for some minor procedure like outpatient ear tubes to hear really well if his ears are prone to fluid or infections or whatever but no worries now because in reality you will be thrilled to have a baby with no heart issues who EATS nicely. Tubes will be a short scary breeze. If he’s sick, you will drive or heck fly to the best specialist!!

    You wont want to if you can avoid it but you might change your mind and switch daycare. It might take time but it might happen. Its not a final decision but a hugely important one!!! Good luck and ask around. Reputations are there for a reason. Make your own decision but see what the rumor mill says–can you deal with the cons?

    Some preschools have long wait lists and big legacy chains. Ours had a waitlist so long that even if you didn’t waitlist a newborn by 6 months old you got a less preferred teacher even if you were already in the school. Join any wait lists if they are cheap!! Usually baby has to be born but while you are asking….co ops have these long lists and you might be a home by preschool time with baby number two born!!!!! DS or not, he might want to be in typical preschool—DONT rule it out!

    But you are very ahead of the curve for even day care even though let’s hope despite how looming that seems. Finding a nanny is tough but has to pretty much be done last minute usually unless you use family. That would be an excellent route to go if possible. Maybe with grandma helping. At least for the very start cause he’s sooooooo little!

    Hugs all around and enjoy relaxing and spending quiet time together. Moabe, that’s the walking groups. Families in Japan form life-long bonds through these and live very long lives. It’s one of the keys to longevity they think (easy reader is a local paper that has a story on them in Jan 2012, hermosa beach. CA local–promoting a vitality cities speaker at our Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on Jan. 31st. Look into it!)

  2. So glad you could come by the other day 🙂
    You both are so ready and your little man is one lucky guy. Hopefully we can all get together again soon. In the meantime, please call if you need anything, have questions, or just have a rough day.

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