29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks

How big is Eli? Not much different than last week- about 17 inches and 2.9lbs

Health of Eli? Eli is doing great! He is still breech, and amazingly in the pike position, with his feet touching his head. lol

Health of Momma? Feeling pretty good this week. Less tired and so far the swelling is under control.

Weight gain? 27lbs

Maternity clothes update? I found a dress for my baby shower! So I guess there IS hope after all.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good, knock on wood!

Sleep? Slept pretty well the last few days- maybe I’m getting used to interupted sleep? I am rolling over better and my doctor approved me sleeping a bit on my back with pillows to lean me to the left. That helps a ton!

Best moment this week? Having another ultrasound and getting to see my little man!

Labor signs? No labor signs

Belly button in or out? Belly button pokes out a bit at the top and can really stick out when Eli is pushing up against it or I flex to sit up.

What I miss? Bending over easily- really took that for granted!

What I am looking forward to? My baby shower 🙂 And spring break next week!

Weekly wisdom? Working on not letting my pregnancy hormones get the best of me. :/ Kind of freaked out on the Ac guy yesterday- although for good reason…but still. lol
(AC guy spent all day installing our new outside unit only to inform us at the end that he doesn’t take anything but cash or check. Which stinks because we were planning to pay him with a credit card. So he literally left my husband with the bill and told him to “pray about it”. When I called him to see if we couldn’t get something worked out, he basically said that he messed up but there was nothing he could do now. I informed him that his bill was expensive and the only way we could pay was with a credit card, to which he replied he would just come and take my unit on Tuesday if that was the case. Needless to say I broke down…like sobbing and not being able to breathe breaking down.
So then I called and got an estimate from someone else who suggested their neighbor. He thinks this first guy is trying to rip us off and he can do the whole inside and outside for the same price the first guy is charging us for just the outside. He also suggests that the first guy is setting us up for problems because he didn’t replace the inside along with the outside. Great. THEN the wife of the first guy calls ME and informs me that she can magically take my credit card now and apologizes for her husband. I listen to her and then in the nicest way possible let her know that we would rather them just come take the unit like her husband had threatened to do 10 minutes ago. Then the AC guy gets on the phone and *begs* me not to have the unit removed, apologizes and says he will do *anything* I want. lol Ugh…it was a mess. So now today we have someone out to verify that the install was done correctly and we will likely be having the first guy remove the new unit. I feel like a terrible person to even ask him to remove it after all his hard work, but he had already threatened to remove it in the first place…he didn’t care that we couldn’t pay before but now the money is important. What a mess! We will see how it pans out this afternoon. :/
EDIT: The original AC guy is going to replace the entire inside unit to be compatable with the outside unit for the original price. And he can still magically take my credit card. So yay for debt and AC in Texas!! Thank goodness *that* is over with!)

Milestones? 11 more weeks of pregnancy left. Can you believe it?!

Fears? Anxious about my sono with my MFM on Monday. He means business and I have a lot of questions. Please pray that Eli is growing well and measuring correctly. Also, pray about muscle tone. This is still something that is bothering me and I’m hoping Dr. R can at least tell me a bit more about his movements.

So this is Eli’s face, leaning off to the left. The small dark circle is his little mouth open. There is a little triangle that is his nose and then his cheeks with the eyes. He kind of looked like a sucker-fish. hehe Puckering up!! 🙂 He was practice swallowing, which was really neat to see!

This bottom one is of his foot. His head is on the right side, in the top left corner is his heel with his toe poking his head. He is very bendy in there!

Hope everyone has a good week- let the count down to spring break begin! I’m super excited because I will likely be meeting with some local families who have little ones with down syndrome. Yay!!


6 Replies to “29 Weeks”

  1. I was wondering what happened with the AC guy. What a douche! I think EVERYBODY should know to not mess with a pregnant woman. Seriously. Those hormones are out of control–not you but in general. 😛

  2. Yay! can’t wait for you to meet Luke next week hopefully. Maybe you will get to see him walk, he’s been working on it all the time lately. Glad the AC thing worked out, it’s so hard having to just trust that people are being honest and doing their job correctly. And so annoying when they take advantage 😦

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