The Legend of Little Eli

Crafting project over the weekend
Crafting project over the weekend
We had a wonderful weekend despite finding out that our AC is broken. EDIT: our entire outside unit needs to be replaced. Really? Worst. Timing. Ever…
lol The weather is so wonderfully beautiful- I hope it stays that way for next week’s spring break. 🙂
We worked in the yard and visited with friends all weekend. Plus we had our maternity photoshoot- I can’t wait to see those pictures!

This morning at school I was presented with the book: The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. Lots of things make me cry these days, but the beginning of the book really touched me.
I thought this was a great way to begin my week. Hope you enjoy!

“Many years aho when the People traveled the Plains and lived in a circle of teepees, there was a boy who was smaller than the rest of the children in the tribe. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep up with the other boys who were always riding, running, shooting their bows, and wrestling to prove their strength.
Sometimes his mother and father worried for him.
But the boy, who was called Eli, was not without a gift of his own. The wise shaman of the tribe understood that Eli had a gift that was special. ‘Do not struggle, Little Eli. Your path will not be the same as the others. They will grow up to be warriors. Your place among the People will be remembered for a different reason.'”

So true…


4 Replies to “The Legend of Little Eli”

  1. Same thing happened at my shower this weekend! I received a book called Weslandia about a boy, who is an outsider creating his own civilization over one summer. His tormentors in the book realize how wonderful his life is and become his friend in the end. I cried and cried … so much love for our little boys!

  2. At least it’s still cool enough that your house isn’t sweltering! Imagine if it was last summer! D: I’m sure Mr. Eli will appreciate a brand new AC unit.

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