Simple Reminder

I brought food to a friend last night who just had a baby a week ago. Thank you, Lord, for that sweet moment…for that reminder that Eli will be exactly like her child. Just a baby who will need to eat, sleep and poop. 🙂

I guess at this stage I spend a lot of time preparing, planning and of course worrying. I am surrounded by other women who are about as pregnant as I am and so we swap stories/symptoms. They all have become uncomfortable and the baby kicks painful, while I smile through my third trimester. And hey, I’m ok with that!
At this stage, I either have a super strong uterus (or some other uterine factor like fluid or baby position) or Eli has low muscle tone. And I really am ok with that. I guess the worry really stems from the fact that I want to be able to take care of his needs and I am not feeling equipped.
So thank you for the reminder! I know it will be ok no matter what happens, but this time period of waiting…well, it kind of sucks. And it leaves me with a lot of time to ponder things. 🙂

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Can’t wait to share my maternity pictures!!


4 Replies to “Simple Reminder”

  1. My son wasn’t much of a mover. I felt gentle rolls and then, around 30 weeks or so, I’d feel like a hip or a little booty poke out. But it was never the elbows/knees that I felt with my daughter. Then he was born and we understood why I didn’t get all that movement. He was a whopping 9lbs 1oz! Just days before he was estimated to be around 6ish pounds. So, maybe you just have a big boy in there who is already running out of space. 🙂

  2. Beau has really low muscle tone but it doesn’t stop him from doing anything. Even if Eli does, he will be great!! I PROMISE!! I know easier said then done but you are going to be way ahead of the game before he gets here. That is huge!! I had no idea until he arrived and then went through all those emotions you are going through now while he was here. I lost A LOT of precious time with him that I wish I could go back and have again. Just like you said he is going to be just a baby that needs your love. I always say…if I had only known him as I do now there wouldn’t have been all the grief. I am here cheering you on girl!!! Prayers sent your way.

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