28 Weeks 2 Days

How far along? 28 weeks

How big is Eli? 17 inches- the size of a small cabbage and about 2.9lbs

Health of Eli? Kicking more and more every day! 🙂 Which is not only a relief but also fills my heart up. This little guy can be quite wiggly when he wants to be…yesterday we could feel his little head! Wow! Soon we will be able to hold him and kiss that little head.
I’m still fearful that he might had low muscle tone, but I guess that if he does then he does. All I can say is: baby kicks = ❤

Health of Momma? I can’t decide which one I am more of: tired or hungry…lol Constantly tired due to my inability to sleep solid, but I still feel pretty good despite that.

Weight gain? 24lbs

Maternity clothes update? Ok, maternity clothes, we need to talk…for the last few weeks I have had my heart set on this one dress for my baby shower. I tried it on a month ago and it was perfect! Sunday I tried it on again to make sure it was “the one” only to discover that the top fits perfect and the bottom is inappropriately tight. Joy. That put a funk in my whole day!! I feel like my proportions are almost cartoonish at this point- thick tree-trunks for legs, big ol’ butt and ever expanding tummy. 😛 AND I have my maternity shoot this weekend, so I need something cute and comfortable ASAP!
Also…cute maternity pj’s? …do they exist? lol My tummy is now popping out of my pre-pregnancy stuff.

Stretch Marks? None…yet

Skin? Skin looks good, knock on wood!

Sleep? Still not sleeping solid. Everyone says this is practice for when Eli gets here. I say it is annoying and makes me grumpy at the end of the day.

Best moment this week? Enjoying a bubble bath and my wonderful hubby coming home from a business trip to rub my swollen feet!! 🙂

Labor signs? No labor signs

Belly button in or out? Belly button has begun to poke out ever so slightly at the top. It doesn’t hurt or itch but it does stick out there.

What I miss? Sleep…

What I am looking forward to? My maternity pictures this weekend 🙂

Weekly wisdom? Working on loving this new and fantastic body!! I know I whine about clothes and getting bigger, but it’s so so worth it. I used to walk by mirrors and fantisize about what my pregnant belly would look like, thinking I would never have a big happy belly. So blessed!

Milestones? 3 days of no foot swelling! lol Followed by 4 days of extreme kankles… 😦

Fears? Starting to get scared of the whole birthing process. Feels like an abstract concept, but I keep telling myself that Eli has to come out of there some how. It wouldn’t be so bad or no one would ever do it again, so I know I can do it too, but it does seem kind of scary.
I visited a friend tonight who gave birth a week ago and another friend earlier this week who has an 8 week old…both speak of unbearable pain. YIKES!!

Choline <— some interesting research that was passed on to me about the benefits of choline

We have an ultrasound next Monday and then another with my MFM the Monday after that. 🙂 Hoping to get some good pictures of Eli when we see my MFM (can anyone say 4D?! hehe)
I guess that is about it for now.
I leave you with my random photos from this week! Thanks for following along!


7 Replies to “28 Weeks 2 Days”

  1. So glad things are going well! Eli seems to be right on track! My pregnancy with Bennett was my easiest (other than the emotional stress of the whole DS thing). And he’s been my most laid back baby- seriously the kid is gold! Babies with DS tend to be really good infants, I mean really good!! B’s been a good toddler too though;)

    As far as the low muscle tone-my advice would be: expect it, it’s almost a given but every child is different! Almost all kids with DS have low muscle tone but some are lower and some are higher if that makes sense but you know what?- you’re going to love Eli just the way he is. If it’s lower ya’ll and him will work a little harder and if it’s not as low then it’s not. You’ll adjust. Trust me. I’m not telling you to set your standards low (it may seem like I’m suggesting that) I’m just saying: be realistically positive. I made that up. But I think it’s important to know and accept-yes he has DS, yes there is an extra chromosome in every cell of his body so that upsets the balance a little, so yes there are going to be some challenges but you will overcome them! ALL KIDS ARE DIFFERENT THOUGH. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Eli will surprise you every day!

    You are more than ready for this little guy and I know you’ll do all you can do to help him succeed! You’re already a great momma!

    1. Thanks, girl! 🙂
      I pretty much know at this point he has low muscle tone. I guess I am just scared about my ability (or inability) to give him what he needs. You know?
      Either way, we are still stoked and I am feel good…so while all my other friends are uncomfortable and feeling those painful kicks, I’m smiling my way into my third trimester. 🙂

  2. you talk of being afraid of eli having low tone. why? your son has Ds and low tone comes along with that. there are some challenges to having it but it’s pretty cool too. rachel can bend her leg all the way up to her head and i wish i could do that!

    1. I’m just a worrier by nature, which isn’t a good excuse except for the fact that I just want simply the very best for him. 🙂 Maybe it’s more of a fear that I won’t be able to give him what he needs instead of just being afraid of low tone? I don’t know…what I do know is that I am surrounded by other women who are as pregnant as I am and we all share our stories/symptoms. At this stage most of them are becoming uncomfortable- the kicks are strong and even hurt them…where I feel pretty good minus the foot swelling. Eli moves around of course, but he has never hurt me. So I guess we will see. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, but I have to put my fears somewhere 😉

      1. rachel never hurt me either and her strength is her gross motor skills. she walked when she was 18 months which is right at the cut off of normal. she has been our easy child so far. i had a picture perfect pregnancy with my son and he has been the difficult one with his milk allergy and inability to sleep in his crib or through the night and he’s almost 7 months old! lol! so, try not to compare. you don’t know what kind of child they are going to have even if they are considered “typical”. you may just end up being the one better off with the child who actually sleeps at night while they complain of the amount of coffee they have to ingest to stay awake. 😉

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