26 Weeks

I am a weirdo and I am constantly looking at how many people visit my blog and what blogs or search terms brought them to me. So far I’ve noticed loads of people looking for owl nursery ideas and MaterniT21 information. If you find yourself looking at this page because you are taking or going to take the MaterniT21 test, please don’t fret or worry!! (Easier said than done, I know) I want you to know that the makers of the test are claiming some huge stuff…but what they can never promise is the kind of life you will have with your child. From where I stand, it’s a life worth living! A life worth celebrating! A beautiful individual that my husband and I created. He is perfect and he is ours.
It scares me to think that for every one child with Ds you see, there are 9 that you do not.
Of course, only you and your partner can make any kind of decision, but my point is that I cherish and love every moment of this pregnancy. The sweet little boy moving around inside of me is worth it. 🙂
That being said….

How far along? 26 weeks

How big is Eli? The size of an eggplant and about 2lbs

Health of Eli? Everything looks great! He moves around a lot and has a strong heartbeat.

Health of Momma?
I feel very good. Working on taking in enough iron since I am slightly anemic and it makes me tired. Still have the sniffles but that’s just a way of life at this point.

Weight gain? 20lbs total- staying steady and all baby as far as I can tell (as in no real added weight to other areas of my body…)

Maternity clothes update? Still wearing the same sizes and feeling good. I went shopping to check out the new shipment at my local maternity shop, and tried on a bump extender. It was supposed to add 3 months and show me how I will look at the end of my pregnancy. I literally looked like a torpedo!! I sure hope I don’t stick out that much!! I see broken ribs in my future. lol

Stretch Marks? None yet thanks to my blooming beautiful bump cream! So we will see!

Skin? Skin has been dry and I randomly had a few patches of red on my face yesterday…not sure what that was. lol

Sleep? Sleep is the same. I wake up every time I have to roll over because rolling is now an actual task. Also, the sniffles can keep me from sleeping too, but in general I still sleep pretty well at this point.

Best moment this week? Finding out that Eli likes spicy foods- He becomes the human jumping bean!

Labor signs? No labor signs 🙂

Belly button in or out? Belly button is tiny!! It is definitely stretched flat and when I flex a certain way it pops out just a bit.

What I miss? My Gap jeans that fit so perfectly pre-pregnancy!!

What I am looking forward to?
Meeting Eli and banishing all limitations that have been pre-determined for him by others. I just want to show them how wonderful he is! Oh, and finishing my lists for my baby shower! lol

Weekly wisdom? I’m working on becoming a better advocate for Ds yet being tasteful and nice about it as well. Educating without beating someone over the head. That, and connecting with the right parents for me- ones that have the same ideas and attitude that I have about parenting. Learning to walk away when that person is trying but is not helpful.

Milestones? Being 2/3 of the way through my pregnancy!

Fears? So right now my biggest fear is of the unknown. Of being a good parent to Eli and being his advocate.
I am also worried about how much of a stinker he is! He is almost always moving but it depends on how he is positioned. Most of the time he faces inward so others can’t feel him move. When he does move enough to be felt on the outside, he shys away from any pressure from someone’s hand. He stops moving the second someone tries to feel him! (Imagine that, me letting people touch and feel the belly? yeah! haha)
I have a friend that is exactly a week behind me in her pregnancy and her son kicks so hard that it some times hurts her. I don’t have that. Maybe it’s just me…but it makes me worry about him liking to be held or touched and his muscle tone. Another friend of mine mentioned taking CoQ10 for muscle tone and I haven’t had the chance to run it by my doctor…but I’m wondering if it would even help at this point. I probably shouldn’t compare how strong my son’s punch is to someone else’s but I do. :/

Stolen from: The Up Side of Wes


10 Replies to “26 Weeks”

  1. Great news! I like the details, very cute and thanks for advocating for the other nine friends of ours. I like the Up side of Wes stages of grief post before the question post too.

    Sorry for the congestion, I know people who had lots of it too. No fun. Figuring out clothes the wear is pretty fun though. I think my friend recommended a rubber band or something to give you extra room for normal pants. You might be past that stage already…

    You are looking so round and sweet, good luck getting sleep and rest up and do things that will be trickier with a baby like eating at that fancy restaurant you have always considered trying….

  2. Its nice to see someone else in our position, especially knowing how many prenatal diagnosed children with DS don’t make it! It “sounds” like you have a great, healthy, positive attitude about it! You won’t find a more welcoming bunch of people than DS groups!

  3. Hi Ashley,
    I just found your blog. First, I want to say congratulations!!!! Eli is going to be such a blessing to you and your husband. My husband and I have 5 children with Down syndrome. They are all very unique and each of them has their own strengths, their own weaknesses and their own spunky personalities…just like our 3 kids without Down syndrome.
    I wanted to invite you to a private Down syndrome forum that is full of moms at various stages of the journey: http://downsyndromejourney.forumotion.com/ You’ll find a wealth of information there and since we’re all at different stages of the journey and our children are all different ages, you’ll see how very “normal” all of our lives really are 🙂

    1. Thank you Shelley! What an amazing family you must have- wow!! I’m so glad that you found me!
      Like I have said before, I am just very scared of the unknowns. There are days I feel strong and days I feel not so strong. But I am working hard to be everything Eli will need. I can’t wait to hop on over to the group and “meet” everyone!

  4. You are absolutely precious and I wish I could let you in my head after 14 years of DS momma experience. 🙂 I, too found out prenatally (at 24) I was having a baby with Down Syndrome. I was shocked, but started researching and found a local support group and my 1st meeting was for parents of new babies (0-18 mos.) and I was almost 8 mos. pregnant. I cried when I saw some with scars on their chest from heart surgery & just this WHOLE new world I had been thrust into. BUT, my Zachary has had NO health issues and is a healthy active young (gulp!) man now. In the beginning you will go through all kinds of specialists and check-ups because DS kids can have a multitude of things, so it is good to keep on top of everything, but keeps you hopping from specialist to specialist. So do not worry, nor stress, my dear. God will help guide you through it all. My OB/GYN had NEVER delivered a baby with DS in 20+ years of delivering babies and even induced me before Thanksgiving so he would be able to deliver his 1st DS baby in his career. I too do not understand the parents who chose to terminate their pregnancy and I know am a better mom for having Zachary & I got exactly what i asked for, a baby!! He made me who I am! I went to NYC because of him! His picture was chosen to be on the JUMBOTRON in Times Square & we went to Central Park and walked in the National Buddy Walk because of him. He is an amazing big brother, the sweetest child to be around (I have a 7 year old “typical” son and those typical kids can be overrated!) 😉 Kidding, but in all seriousness, my life hardly changed after having Z. He was the easiiest going child, slept through the night from birth, we can still take him just about anywhere-he is literally an angel sent to us from heaven. I am so proud to have been chosen to be his mom. Always here if you need anything! We live just north of you in Hallsville, Texas! amytraweek@gmail.com or look me up on facebook to see pics of my handsome boy! I wish I had blogged about him during my pregnancy to now…it would make a wonderful book. You have NO idea how amazing your life is about to become. My biggest worry in life was people making fun of my child, that is all I worried about when I heard the news. I already loved my baby boy so much, I could not imagine having to shield him from the world from BIRTH! The worst I have ever heard was from a child and it was “why doesn’t he talk?” These times just gives me an opportunity to share why zach is different, but he honestly is more like us than different! My friend Pam sent me to your page and i love it! Can;t wait to follow your progress! I also know a family who has a 2 month old in Spring that went to a great support group meeting just last night. Their post read:
    Jack Bates

    Went to our first DS community group last night in The Woodlands. Brand new group and for their very first meeting, 19 families were there. It was good to see some other infants as well — with Diane Bates. We are excited our first concern was finding a group with new babies, Jacob is 2 months and we met two other boys 3&4 months. Super excited! Praying for you on this wonderful journey. I got lots more to say, but won’t take up more room! 🙂

    1. Thank you so so much for checking us out! 🙂 I just friended you on Facebook.

      Your comment is encouraging and I need that so much right now.
      As a teacher, I can say that I fear my child being picked on too, yet I see typical kids get picked on constantly!!! So I don’t think it matters who you are or what your situation is, kids can be mean no matter what. So I try to push that out of my head. It’s more thinking about things he won’t be able to do…which is equally sad, huh? But I am trying my hardest every single day to work on my own understanding of this situation.

      The Bible clearly states that we have a heavenly body waiting for us that is perfect. I believe that for everyone no matter their situation. Ds is just a part of who Eli will be, but not who he is.
      I just wish that I didn’t have such a long time to wait to meet him. I think that would make this so much easier.
      The best part, though? That I have been able to connect with so many others!! In fact, I was at that very meeting that Jack was talking about. I didn’t get the chance to talk to him because there were so many people there (loads of them asking where my baby was and I had to point at my belly LOL), but I’m sure I will at the next meeting. Small world!! 🙂

  5. p.s. Welcome to the family. Like a post I read earlier said, you will never find a more welcoming, loving group. It is such a blessing in our lives to know so many people we may have never met if not for Zach!!

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