Glucose Test

25 weeks!! 🙂 Feeling good (despite any symptoms, which are all temporary and minor)

-sore back/legs/feet after standing too long
-temporary pinching in lower back if I get up too fast
-sore abs/insides
-still congested
-hair is very full- barely shedding at all
-becoming difficult to bend over or lean forward

I had my glucose test today and it went very well. Dr. C examined me…which meant I had my first doctor’s visit that was just like in the movies! Blood pressure, doppler (140bpm), weight (has stayed exactly the same- 20lb gain total), and measuring my soccor-ball-sized uterus. Everything looked great.

Dr. C is growing a culture from my urine sample because it had some bacteria…whatever that means. :/ and I had my thyroid and glucose test.
Glucose was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! The lab stuck me once prior to drinking my sugar drink, but had a hard time getting anything. Apparently I was too dehydrated from fasting- which is what they told me to do! So she had to stick me again.
My poor arm!
Then I got my red drink. Everyone said how horrible it was, but I thought the drink was pretty tasty. Would I have it on a daily basis? No. But it was ok. I had tutti frutti- it tasted like stale Hawaiian Punch with extra sugar added and burned a bit going down.

Bottoms Up!

Then I had to get stuck again an hour later. While I waited, I registered at the hospital and read some more of that horrible book. I can’t help it! It’s been helpful in some minor ways, but it’s hard to put something down once I started reading it. I feel like I might miss something important if I don’t finish the book. Sad, I know…and it puts me in a funk!

On the way home, to cure my funk, I called a Ds momma that someone put me in contact with. She was super helpful but not as positive as I needed for the moment….her son is much older and the difference in times was apparent. Her son was born during a time with babies with Ds were put away in institutions, called horrible names and little care/educational opportunties existsed. He has also had a stroke and other health issues that they were up against. So, while she was able to get me excited about all the things he is doing (like working a part-time job, handling money correctly, writing in cursive, holding conversations, reading, playing sports…etc), she was able to quickly squash it with her own fears and realities (like, she doesn’t know what will become of him when she is gone, her marriage has dissolved, he cannot carry on meaningful conversations, he does not read novels…). So it was a mixed bag. I enjoyed talking to her and it sounds like she has made the very best of her situation. He son is active, involved in many things and has people who love him…but she has no idea what the future holds and it scares her and her son.

WordPress pressed my blog before I was ready!! ….

I had to get off the phone quickly. I knew she meant well but she just wasn’t being helpful.
The rest of the day I felt mopey and had a sore arm- thank goodness I was able to go back to work and focus on my kiddos. 🙂
After work I got a phone call from a woman that Dr. C connected me with- she could not have called at a better time! For every negative thought, she had a positive one! For every fear, she had an exciting story about the successes of her child! She was honestly hopeful about her son’s future and that just made my day. I nearly began to cry a few times on the phone. She was so excited for Barry and I- it felt good to find someone who shared my realistic mindset but who literally took her lemons and made the sweetest lemonaide! 🙂 not to mention the fact that her family is absolutely beautiful!!! Oh my gosh!

It just seems that for every depressing person I talk to, I find someone else who is positive, level, realistic and upbeat…
Thank you Lord for sending me these awesome and strong people to help keep me grounded.
Not to mention all the wonderful people in my support group and on my blog!!! I don’t know what I would do without you guys. I guess I am just grasping at trying to connect with someone who is close to where I live and has young children. Maybe I will get that opportunity at the new community group on the 16th.

In other news…
Eli decided on Sunday that he was going to be super active and hasn’t stopped since! Currently, he has the hiccups again and has been doing barrel rolls. :3 So sweet!
I spent some time in his room today, organizing his closet and getting clothes folded by size.
Also, our shower that got mildew has finally been fixed, so we can stop using the guest bathroom. I know Barry is glad about that!

*sigh* Now to go look at my long TO DO LIST and see what we can plan for next! Baby costs money!


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