How To Survive Pregnancy Congestion…and updates

-Saline nasal spray
-Nasal Dialotor Strips
-Neti Pot
-Vick Vapo Rub
-Steam baths/showers
-Boiled water with lemon and honey
-Lots of fluids and rest
And in my case….ANTIBIOTICS! lol

So I think we decided how were are going to approach our next cycle! I am so excited! 🙂 We had a wonderfully gracious friend and her husband offer to donate sperm should we need it! Isn’t that just amazing? I’m really blown away…God is so good!
The plan is: try on our own until we are ready to begin a cycle. Use Barry’s sperm and our donor’s with a full IVF cycle. Dr. H said he would stimulate me more aggressively to get more eggs, so we will have more chances. Dr. H can then divide up the eggs to be fertilized with our donor and with Barry, test and monitor both. This way we don’t have to “give up” on our own genetics but still have a backup should our embryos not make it.
I think our plan could work! Of course, I need to run it by our donor and doctor, but this is something Barry and I are excited about. He laughed at how excited I got and said that it’s not that he doesn’t care about the situation, just that he doesn’t care how he gets to be a father. 🙂 So blessed!!

In fact, I also have to add to this entry that I am so in love. ❤ I spent a whole weekend just soaking up all the wonderful things that Barry does and says for me…and embraced our new little family. Things have changed so much and we have grown so much together. My love is so much more renewed for Barry and our son is bringing us together every day.
And my son! Gosh! I am IN LOVE with this little wiggly guy!

I wanted to give a special shout out to my Meme! She turned 70 this past weekend!! 🙂 Feeling very lucky to have her!

I guess that's it right now- I hope everyone has an awesome week!


2 Replies to “How To Survive Pregnancy Congestion…and updates”

  1. Awesome on your Meme–she sounds like an amazing loving support & source strength in your life, what a blessing!

    Congratulations on setting a course and plan on future family expansions (ha ha!) what a profound gesture by your friends, praying that something wonderful results any path you choose. What a sweet hubbie you have, and a fun dad he will be and father figure to many, many more I suspect!

    I cannot find the glucose post that I was emailed but keep in mind that half of all marriages end in divorce, DS may add extra dimensions but it likely might not be the cause of a relationship fraught with communication issues or financial challenges or just incompatiblity to start with from the onset. Happy children and prepared families are needed in all circumstances, yes, lots of extra things to consider with DS but we all worry too much (or maybe not enough and are not prepared) about our own demise. We should just have an idea or plan to help pave the way for our kids with DS but life will do something if we don’t. I think your planning abilities will help minimize this stress and burden for you over time and then you can write a book to help the rest of us figure it out (kidding but hoping you might!! 🙂 ).

    Keep reaching out and digesting the perspectives and get another book to read at the same time and read that old one FAST!!!!

    I can’t find the link to your

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