These Are a Few of My Favorite Things….

Making a blue day brighter!!

-Belly Pictures!!!
(EDIT: Just to be clear- I have a whole series of these mirror pictures that I swore when I got pregnant I would never take… I have yet to post any to my blog, BUT this is not just a random picture of my shorty shorts in a mirror!)
-Watching Eli dance in my tummy, making it jump and roll under my skin.
-Chatting with my mom 4 times (at least) today about Eli and the baby shower!!
-Meeting new friends through my blog and my new mommy group on FB.
-Getting phone calls from strangers to encourage me!
-Awesome messages like this to make me feel better: “Keep your head up. I know that it’s an emotional roller coaster. From personal experience. I was so impatient to hold my precious girl, yet terrified of what we were facing once she was here. Yes we already knew about her heart defect beforehand, but as far as the reality of what exactly that meant after birth was unclear except that we would have to hand her over for surgery at some time in the future. I almost worried myself sick, all the while I was slapping on a smile and telling everyone else it was going to be ok. This is what I have learned throughout the last year….
1) The only limitations in our kids lives are the ones we place on them. While others see their lives as limited capability, they are truly endless possibility. 🙂
2) The worry and the fear are counterproductive (as hard as it is to let them go). Once here your son will do EXACTLY what he is meant to do…and will capture the hearts of all those who doubt.
3) If you expect for him to live a productive adult life, if those are your dreams for be independent, to go to college, to have huge dreams of his own, you set the bar of what he is capable of. All of those things are extremely possible…but they are things you have to work towards together.
4) Love can truly move mountains. Truly.”
-Figuring out how to edit videos on YouTube! 😛
-Day dreaming about hold my son.
-Folding onsies and organizing all my baby stuff!

While I am still sick, I am feeling more positive tonight than I have in a few days.


9 Replies to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things….”

      1. He’ll be doing karate in there before you know it! 😛

        And thanks! As soon as our tax return gets here I’m buying the domain name and making it my own website. 🙂

  1. Just came across your blog through a link on FB DS page. Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂 We have a 19 month old with DS too. He is our third little boy, and an amazing addition to our family. It is an emotional roller coaster during pregnancy, but once he is born his sweet face will make it all good. I live in the Houston area, just wondering if you are in that area of TX. I look forward to reading more about little Eli 🙂

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