Heart Echo

Today was Eli’s echo to check out his little heart and I am proud to announce happy news!!
We have had our fair share of bad news lately (and then some!) so it was like winning the lottery for us today!

The appointment was very relaxed and easy. So far all the doctors that have seen me since our T21 diagnosis have been wonderful and caring. We haven’t been treated differently, we haven’t gotten pity or sadness. It’s just been routine appointments. Thank you! This means so much!

Ok ok…on to the good stuff!

The cardiologist rolled his wand over my tummy and got to work. We kept hearing words like: “perfect”, “beautiful”, “wonderful”. Music to our ears!! We beamed with pride as we watched him working, looking at every part of Eli’s heart.
Not only was he enthusiastic about Eli’s heart, but he complimented his active rolling and playing around.
Proud indeed!

He was very detailed and informative. He said that Eli’s heart is perfect as near as he can tell. It is functioning normally and has none of the typical defects that are often associated with Ds. We will require no further echos and will not need a cardiologist present at his birth.
He said that aside from the diagnosis, he would give us the same speech he gives for a typical pregnancy: That it is not abnormal to miss something microscopic or for certain parts of the heart not to mature normally upon birth (apparently there is an open flap in a fetal heart that is present always. This closes upon birth. There is also an extra artery connection in utero that closes off at birth. Both of which can malfunction. No way to know if it will and it is not related to Ds nor is it something the cardiologist is worried about).
The good news? There is nothing wrong with his heart!! Praise God!!! And any other complication would be unrelated to Ds and would be unlikely to need surgery!

At the end, he let us take a peak at his face and even video tape it! We caught him having a little hiccup and sticking his tongue out! So adorable!!

And of course some still shots of his sweet little face:
That is his daddy’s nose!

Barry and I drove home smiling all the way. I feel like we are coming back from a perfect screening…we passed the test…I feel like our perfect little son is just growing away waiting to come home to our arms.

We went to our favorite local Chinese restaurant to celebrate our awesome news. The owner came over to gush over my belly and ask how far along I am. (She then commented on how she knows someone who is pregnancy with twins and is about 6 months along like me and that her belly is smaller. “Is it twins?”, “Oh! He is just a big guy, huh?”…. -_-)
THEN I hit a deer on the way home!! No damage to my car. One deer darted out so I breaked and then cautiously drove forward. I was in the neighborhood, so I wasn’t going very fast but then another stupid deer jumped out! It scared the crap out of me! The last animal I hit was a squirrel and I cried half of my day away for killing him! The poor deer went into the ditch and just rolled around. 😦 I’m so sad!!! And there is fur all over the front of my car! Barry made me get back in the car and assured me that no damage was done- the deer is probably in shock and wouldn’t be there in the morning. You know my demented self is going to drive by it in the morning to make sure. Ugh!!!

Anyway…that crazy deer won’t ruin my “high”! Our son IS perfect and we are even more excited than we were before!!!
I am working on a YouTube Channel for our videos:
Those Newmans Channel ——> Just added the button to the right! So go check out the videos of Eli’s heart. Barry did a pretty darn good job considering he had to stand very still using my point-and-shoot digital camera. So excited to have these memories!

EDIT: I drove by that deer this morning and he is DEAD! I’m so sad!! I must have been going about 10mph…I have no idea how he is dead. 😦 And right by an intermediate school!! Stupid deer!


11 Replies to “Heart Echo”

  1. Just wanted to say that I stumbled on your blog while researching….I too am due in May (the 31st) and have recently gotten an higher than normal chance of DS with this child on my 2nd trimester screenings. I am meeting with a genetic counselor and will get the MaterniT21 test next week. I have been so anxious, scared, nervous, sad, etc. you name it! And have found your blog and your positive attitude so uplifting and encouraging. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your courage and I wish you all the best for your family and new little one.

    1. Deanna- I am so glad you found my blog!! 🙂 Congrats on your pregnancy!
      I hope you can feel a bit more like you are not in this alone. My blog has been the most amazing way to connect with others and I certainly don’t feel alone anymore!
      What I will say is this: Tri-screens are just that- a screening. So try not to put too much stock into what they have found. Our first screening showed great results, so you just never know. From my research, second trimester screenings are the least accurate. The MaterniT21 test is a great option but may not prevent you from getting an amnio. We did the test to avoid the amnio but ultimately wound up with an amnio anyway. My doctor reminded me that the test is new and that it could still have a margin of error despite their claims. Amnio is the only way to know 100%.

      Please let me know how your testing goes. I would love to keep up with someone else who is due around the same time as me. 🙂 I am sure that all will be fine- stay positive- either way your child will be a blessing. If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me! 😉

      1. Don’t feel pressured to get an amnio if you do not want one. Do not let anything stop you (if you are ready) from connecting with any Down syndrome community. I did not get an amnio myself and was hesitant to connect with organizations & families due my uncertain diagnosis. The community is very welcoming and an interesting one to connect with EITHER WAY.

        Ashley has identified some really neat resources, try the http://www.downsyndromepregnancy.com downloadable brochure for sure. Odds are you might have a love and hate relationship with the information you are finding, and that’s normal.

        I am so thrilled you two found each other. Either way you have a lot in common! Being pregnant and parents is an interesting, challenging path with or without extra enhancements.

  2. Go Eli! Love your name pick!
    You guys are so awesome, and thank you for sharing your thoughts on how certain things people say do hurt or annoy, it helps people learn how to communicate better.


    1. I think its the same for anyone experiencing a “loss”. When we had our miscarriage it was the same thing- people want to help but don’t know how. There are some days I take it better than others. 🙂 lol I’m only human!

      Keep going strong on those injections!!! 🙂 Praying for you, girl!

  3. Oh what wonderful, wonderful news about your family!!! I am so happy for you all-what a HUGE relief! Praying everything else goes as smoothly at your appointments. Phew!

    Poor little guy, what a tough break. Someone is watching over you all though if there was minimal damage and that your speed was low, that’s like winning the lotto again I say. Good driving cause I bet I would have ended up in a ditch myself.

    Great to hear about kind, informative doctors!! That makes things easier for everyone. Nice!

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