What a Week…

The last few days have gone by quickly and for that I am thankful.
Monday I coasted through the day Christmas shopping and running errands only to get a surprising phone call- Dr. H. I say surprising because I honestly didn’t expect him to call me until Tuesday or Wednesday. And since I was out at busy places shopping, I didn’t hear my phone.
His voicemail left no indication of whether his news was good or bad and I didn’t hear back from him until nearly 8pm. I was fine until that call. Then I was a nervous wreck wondering what he was going to say. Turns out it was for nothing- he spoke with his genetic counselor and there is basically nothing she can do with my old bloodwork. It’s already been processed and she would recommend the following in this order: MaterniT21 test, 20w scan and amnio.
I then called everyone I had connections with to try to have my bloodwork set up for Tuesday. It just wasn’t possible. So I had the bloods done on Wednesday. Wednesday was rough. You would think the waiting of Tuesday would have been worse (it did suck) but Wednesday was just a bad day.
I waited for over an hour for bloodwork, had to pay $235 for the bloodwork, and then had to spend the rest of the day on the phone with the lab, with insurance and with my doctor’s office.
Basically, the test isn’t covered under insurance. They are out of network and the test is expensive. But the lab doesn’t care. They won’t make anyone pay more than $235 for the test reguardless. But when I tried to pay for my labs, I was supposed to have a carbon copy of them so I could give them my reference number. My doctor’s office gave me nothing. Which then meant tons of phone calls. My doctor doesn’t have a direct line. So I couldn’t just call his office to get the number really fast. I also live an hour away from the office.
I have my doctor’s cell number, but I figured this wasn’t a situation worthy of using such a tool. So I pretty much left messages for everyone I could and the only people who didn’t call me back: my doctor’s office.

But I worked something out with the lab and paid them. So now we just wait.
Originally I was told my results would be back Monday or Tuesday, but then my nurse informed me that it takes 8-10 business days. And since these next few weeks are pretty much considered holiday time, who knows when my results will return. First week in January? Maybe.
So now more waiting.
To say I was an angry hormonal pregnant lady is an understatement.

EDIT: The longer I wait for the test the more information I am finding on it. Apparently it was released around October of this year and I am lucky enough to live in one of the 20 cities they are offering the test to.
You can only get the test by doctor referral and it is currently not covered by insurance.
IF you have insurance, the lab will only require you to pay $235 and takes the responsibility of remaining bill. If you do not have insurance, it costs around the same as an amnio- $1,900.
The test has about a 98-99% accuracy rate for detecting DS and may lead the way for the testing of other abnormalities.


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