What a Week Continued…

I moved this entry because my materniT21 testing info was getting a lot of hits and contained unrelated info. I apologize.
So here goes my personal drama.

My sister asked me to go to the mall with her. But since I wasn’t driving or finding a parking space, I didn’t care. We had a great time, she bought what she needed and we were about to head out when I asked if we could go into Urban Outfitters. I found something I wanted for Barry so we stood in line to buy it.
Basically, a 21 year-old girl cut in line in front of us. I politely told her where the line was and that she had cut. She told me she was already there, but had stepped away to look at something and then told me to eff off (without saying “eff”). But you did get out of line and I have been here a while and I’ve never seen you before. Then she called me fat and challenged me to a fight outside. OMG. And she was serious.
She was so angry, nasty and immature…there was nothing I could say or do! I told her to turn around because this wasn’t worth it, so she purposefully turned her whole body to face me, folded her arms and began to copy what I said.
The line was going so fast and the rest of the line was as shocked about it as I was that nothing more was done.
I then re-told my sad story no less than 15 times that day. You see people like that one TV. The ones who feel entitled to everything and will throw a drink in your face or hit you without a second thought…but I just have never met anyone like that before. I’m still in shock.

I get home from visiting a friend and I smell a mildewy smell in our master bath. A few tiles are poking up all of a sudden and it seems there is mildew beneath them. When it rains it pours!
I freak because I immediately think it is mold and mold causes birth defects and health problems.
We have wanted to redo that bathroom since we bought the house, but haven’t had the money or time.
But this is worthy of a redo.
The bathroom has carpet it in it. Who does that? And it has a wonderful garden tub that we never use- it collects hair a dust and is a pain to clean out. So our neighbor, a few friends and a contractor will be at our home in the next few days. Should in interesting. Exactly what we needed on top of this IVF debt.

Also, I now have hemorrhoids.
Pregnancy Symptoms:
-energy, energy, energy…crash OMG I’m so tired…
-slight waddle
-super annoying nasal congestion

So some positive stuff??
-Baby is moving around a lot and its fun to try to feel it. Barry will sit next to me while I lay on the bed and try to feel the baby. No luck yet, but it’s still fun.
-2 friends have given me some of their maternity clothes which is awesome.
-1 friend gave me some cloth diapers to start my stash 🙂
-Our ultrasound is on Tuesday, which will hopefully provide some relief from this DS scare.
-Gender reveal party in one week!
-Christmas is nearly here and things WILL GET BETTER.

It has to get better, right?

Now, some good links for my future use:

Breastfeeding Book 1
Breastfeeding Book 2

IVF Baby Books:
IVF Baby Book
IVF Baby Book 2

Cloth Diapers:
Nurtured Family
Pinstripes and Polkadots
Greenmountain Diapers
Hyena art
The Stillers
Kawaii Diapers
29 Diapers
All About Cloth Diapers

It will be a good Christmas…It will be a good Christmas…It will be a good Christmas…It will be a good Christmas…


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