Nursery Ideas

This post is all about nursery. It’s a wonderful distraction for me right now and we officially have some nursery furniture, so it’s super exciting!!! 🙂 My mom and dad got us the basics- a crib, mattress and dresser. 🙂 We are so unbelieveably blessed!!
The set is from USA Baby- Bonavita Schefield and it is beautiful! The pictures just don’t do it any justice.

So this is the room before:

It was a guest room/computer room that got a ton of use! The room isn’t super huge but it definitely showed a lot of potential once all the furniture was gone. We moved some of it into the second guest bedroom and I am happy about that.

And this is the room currently:

It’s kind of bare right now, but OMG it’s a nursery! The furniture is black but it has been rubbed to show a bit of red coming through the black. It’s so pretty! It will go with either gender!

The dresser has a hutch and changing table attachment that we will need to purchase (it’s on back-order) and in the window we would like to put an overstuffed rocker (hello early birthday present!!).
On the wall to the left we are putting a cedar toy box that has been in the family for 3 generations. My dad is re-painting it and making it safer for little one.

So I already posted my ideas for a girl. I know the walls will be green and the bedding will be the Pottery Barn Haley owls 🙂 But for a boy I am stumped. So I have been collecting ideas and I’m feeling very confident about my choices!

Today was overwhelming but exciting at the same time.

-Order bed conversion kit
-Order hutch
-Order closet organization kit


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