Tri/Quad Screen Freak Out

So I had my first trimester screen at 12 weeks. My NT measurment was 1.2mm and looked very good. We also saw our baby’s nose at 9.5 weeks and our tri-screen came back as “screen negative” meaning our risks for DS and trisomy 18 were very low.

I’ve had consitantly good ultrasounds, baby looks good and everything has been fine. At my 17 week u/s my doctors did another tri-screen. I thought it was odd, but I love any kind of reassurance that everything is going well in there so I went with it.

I just got a call from my nurse saying that I am now classified as a higher risk patient and that my baby has a higher risk of having DS now. No open nural tube, which is great news. Just the DS risk that had them concerned.

So now I’m awaiting a doctor to call and explain things better to me. I would like to know my ratio from 1st trimester to 2nd and why a 2nd was even preformed.
Prayers please!!!

EDIT: A doctor from the practice called to go over the results. My 1st trimester screening indicated a 1:1200 chance of having DS, which means that we screened negative.
My 2nd trimester screening indicated a 1:243 chance of DS.
The doctor said that IVF pregnancies often screen false positive for DS and that there was no reason to even have the 2nd trimester screen in the first place given my 1st trimester results. He also said that 2nd trimester tri-screens were not as accurate and that they were only supposed to test for spina bifida and other neural tube defects at this stage.
At this point, neither doctors or MJ would consider an amnio unless I wanted it.
The doctor also pointed out that my 19 week anatomy scan is in 11 days and that they would look for other DS markers at that time.

I don’t feel any better. I know I’m hormonal but the tears are being fought back as I try to finish up my day at work. This is one of my biggest fears and it just feels like every time we stand up, we get knocked right back down.

Really feeling down right now. :/


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